CITTER Healing Workshop


"There are moments when the intense energies of the Citters as Consciousness  reach each of us out of grace."



Citter system of Therapy and Treatment stems from medicine that the ancient Citter masters put together for the wellbeing of body, mind and soul. This ancient traditional system of healing that originated in the Tamil heartlands is considered to be the oldest systems of medicine, still practiced today in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and a few other counties in South East Asia where there was a connect with the Tamils. Citter practices is a part of Tamil culture and tradition and has some of the earlies Tamil writings known.

The Philosophy

Ancient Citters held that the object of their study was to preserve and prolong life. To do so, they believed, required humans to live according to the laws of nature. They led simple lives themselves and were unconcerned with anything else other than their work they set out to do. They contributed not only to a system of medicine but also to the knowledge of eternity, alchemy, and Yogic living.  It is known that the ancient Citters travelled widely to other countries such as todays China and Japan. Even to Israel and Egypt. Where ever they went they propagate their system of medicine and knowledge led experiences enrich people’s lives.

Why this workshop?

If your interest and purpose is to help heal, you need not go any further then to experience the Citter Tradition and it’s teachings by joining this weekend workshop of two days. The workshop is designed to introduce you to the Ancient Tamil Citter Tradition of Healing. As the human body is a portal through which larger domains of our own being and of Being-ness itself are accessible, the human body is the only gateway to feeling, touching, experiencing, surrendering and ultimately identifying with the totality of Being.

The workshop is your gate way to begin your journey to be a healing person, primarily body-based because the inner dimensions of the body are in direct experience of the Primal organizing force that incarnated it.

The Workshop is on the 1st and the 3rd (Saturday & Sunday) of the week every month. You need to book your place before you come.


Ancient Tamil

Booking is  Open - Please email us to book your workshop dates, you choose to attend to.

Please note that you would have to make your own arrangement for  accommodation and your food. We can help you book into a hotel, if you wish.

We will provide you a vegetarian South Indian lunch for both for Saturday & Sunday at the place of the workshop.

Work shop begins at 8.30 am and will conclude by 6.00pm each day.

The Workshop

The work shop we offer you for two days is priced at US$135.00. Place is limited as we take only a few participants to give a more personal touch. You will receive a 'Participation' certificate that entitles you to join our other therapy courses on offer directly.

About – The Path

This workshop opens the door for you into the ancient Citter Tradition and it's teachings. You begin with knowing basic healing practices that you yourself can use on yourself or to help others who would need some relief.

This Ancient Citter path of Yogam, is a training and practice that brings Health, Wellness and Soul connection to an individual. It is a journey of life that one can acquire, to fulfil ones true nature and to sail through life comfortably with right purpose and knowledge.

 The two days of workshop has been carefully designed for you to have a taste and experience yourself in wellness and health. It also pens your door to other possibilities in your life that are very important.


Our Workshops are skill-based, sequential and designed to enhance or deepen your awareness and experience.

Join in and begin your journey into the C I T T E R tradition and make it your lifestyle that leads you to a healthier life of wellness in the world today. 

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