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Admissions - Criteria and Process

​Welcome to C I T T E R . We hope you will find something useful for you to join in. All our work  in teaching, training, providing retreats for foreigners and events are centred to human wellness - to bring JOY to people and fulfilment of purpose of life as an individual. These events are for all Global Citizens.

These days, more and more people are looking for a spiritual experience, and they are looking for spirituality. Our spiritual practices can be a door that opens for you to experience for yourself

Training & Skilling is an ancient practice that has been provided within the kurukuam system to provide practical training and expertise. Our Training, skilling, experiencing programmes are carefully designed to give expertise in wellbeing and experiences for the practisioner to experience for one's self

Until you experience C I T T E R and Tamil Nadu, South India, you probably won’t be able to understand just how different it is compared to the western world. We see God is ever-present in all our actions and so in the culture, God is celebrated, worshipped and invoked in road-side shrines, massive temple complexes, at tiny altars in many stores and in the prayer rooms in most homes;  and in the thousands of sacred places — rivers, mountains, tress — and places associated with sacred events that took place in the past.

Fly to Tamil Nadu in Southern India and join our journey— You must! — if you feel the urge to experience something different come to us.

16 Day CITTER RETREAT Application
Citter Kurukulam Retreat's


We admit trainees & spiritual travelers to our Retreat Programmes on a rolling, space-available basis, and encourage you to apply as early as possible. Although all our tourist spiritual programmes have no formal educational requirements, admission is a selective process based on your interest on a spiritual path that you wish to travel on and your commitment to this path. We are here to guide you and help you on your way.

Application Deadline

All Applications must be made in advance minimum one month before the booking month and a deposit of 10% to be paid to hold your booking.

Applications submitted after the due date will be considered on an individual basis and may not be processed in time to grant admission.

The Application Process

We select applicants who embrace challenges, seek genuine personal and professional growth, and are ready to innovate—in themselves. The curious, open-minded human being who commits wholeheartedly will find the retreat to be a highly stimulating, rewarding—even life-changing—experience.

To apply, you will submit


The application, telling us about you, your experience, and your current responsibilities, goals, and challenges

You can submit your application by e-mailing us first. We will review your mail and will advice you accordingly for joining on your journey with us.

Answering Your Questions


Our Kurukulam people can help you at any stage of the admissions process—starting with identifying the retreat date that best suits you and can addresses your retreat with us.

Application Submission


We recommend that you apply as soon as you can. All application information in strict confidentiality. We acknowledge receipt of applications via email. In the unlikely event that you do not receive an acknowledgment, please email us at

English Proficiency


Proficiency in spoken and written English is essential for active participation in the retreat.

Experiencing Commitment


Residency is required at our Kurukulam at Cidambaram. Your active participation in all activities is essential, therefore you must be free of other responsibilities during the programme. In addition, you must be able to set aside sufficient time for the personal practices we a lot to you to experience.

Fee, Payment, and Cancellations


The Retreat covers free accommodation for you. You just pay for your food that is offered and for the activities we have designed for you to participate in. On confirmation of booking a sum of US$120/- is to be paid as a booking to hold your place on your confirmed date by us. Balance to be paid in full at the time you are admitted at Cidambaram at the Kurukulam.

Please note that there will be excretions arranged by  us to visit spiritual places that are ancient. The cost of the trip will be shared by the number of practitioners and is not included in the day cost. Your travel to Cidambaram to the Retreat is extra to. We can help you with the arrangements based on your budget.

We also offer  a day stay at the Kurukulam free including cost of food for an extra day to enable local sightseeing  as our guests after the completion of the retreat you have participated in, if you wish to have a local day site seeing of Cidambaram and it's surroundings. Never-the-less check out will be by noon on the next day completing your retreat with us for your onward journey.

If you do not turn up on the day of joining in or cancel, the US$120/- for booking will be forfeited as a donation to the different causes we work for and wil be non-refundable.

16 Day CITTER CIVA RETREAT - US$70/- per day - Accommodation FREE at Kurukulam. Food and Programme Cost Only.

10 Day CITTER MASSAGE THERAPY TRAINING - US$50/- per day - Accommodation FREE at Kurukulam. Food and Training Cost Only.

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