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CITTER's Smart Home Project is being  designed as a 

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Please contact us to book into our Civa Spiritual Journey 9 Days 8 Nights, 7 Days of daily travel covering 14 Civa temples at Tamil Nadu. Each month we offer a group experience for spiritual seekers to connect with very ancient spiritual practices in Tamil Nadu centered around Cidambaram.

Join US on this memorable Spiritual Journey to very select Civa Temples that have a great history behind it.

It is YOUR Spiritual Journey NOW.




Your Karma has greater plans for you than you have for yourself. Most are out of touch with their inner world. Reconnecting with your inner self is so important, primarily because that is how you grow.

Spirituality is necessary if we are to experience the wholeness of our being.  The fact that so many have rejected spirituality as religious or fantasy is largely responsible for the massive existential crisis many find themselves in at this time.

Leading a spiritual life is something many people must strive for. Being Spiritual is of being aligned with something bigger than one’s self; something upright, direct, stalwart, and uplifting; something which carries one along with it or toward which one directs one’s actions and intentions.

Authentic spirituality requires a balance that is achieved through intention and engaged action while keeping one’s feet firmly on the ground.

Spiritual Journey is about returning to the Centre of your being: it’s a path traditionally undertaken by mystics such as the Ancient Tamil Citters who have reached Lord Civa and have become immortals.

Following Civa is a journey that one undertakes as a quest from one’s heart – simply true devotion and love flowing.

Nothing more is needed.

This Spiritual Journey is accessible to all people.

Indeed, it’s our deepest longing and highest calling as a species.



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