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Welcome to the Citta Medicinal & Lifestyle System


Citta System of Medicine is one of the oldest classical traditional systems of medicine and practices in the world, that was developed by highly evolved beings, for the purpose of keeping their Body & Mind fit and healthy and to enhance their longevity. The ancient Citters understood that the body and mind must be perfect for the soul to dwell in, otherwise the soul would leave the body. It was an integral part of their life style to enhance body functions to be fit so that they had the opportunity to work on all their scientific research in one lifetime.

It is these people’s knowledge and practices that have been practiced and handed down over time that we use at The Citter Clinic, Citter Healing Centre.

‘Cittergal’ as known in Tamil are Citters. Citters come from a very ancient linage. They were premier scientists from ancient Tamil lands. They laid the foundation of the Citta Medical System, that is unique. This system is designed to revitalize and rejuvenate dysfunctional organs that cause disease, and to maintain the ratio of kutram that is unique to each human being.

Kayakarpam (special combination of medicine and life style) and Muppu (the universal Salt) are speciality of Citta system of medicine.

Citters define ‘health’ as a ‘Perfect State of Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual Well Being’ of an individual.


The Citter Medicinal System is based on BODY, MIND & SOUL practices to keep fit and therefore they developed methods and medication that are believed to strengthen the physical body and mind providing the soul to have a good body and mind for it to function. This system does not believe in merely treating the symptoms. It eradicates the root cause for the illness, providing permanent cure to prevent recurrence.

The Citta system proves its vitality in treating chronic diseases, considered incurable in other modern systems of medicines. Reproduction is considered as the cyclic duty of every life according to all the religions in the world. Any obstruction or condition causing infertility can be treated with ancient successful formulas in its simple, effective, natural and sooner way, compared to other system of medicines. Citta formulations has immense healing power in boosting the immune system.

The Citta system is based on the fundamentals of "anda pinda tatuvam" (the relationship between the universe and human body) and the 96 tatuvams (basic principles) which includes the concepts of five elements, three humours and seven physical constituents.

Internal and External treatments are available for Vatha diseases (Rhuematoid arthritis, Oesteoarthritis, Cervical spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Lumbago etc), Fever, Respiratory problems (Asthma, Bronchial ailments, Sinusitis etc.), Digestive problems (Indigestion, Peptic ulcer, Piles etc), Urinary complaints (Calculi, Burning micturation, White discharge etc), Marmam or Varma Injury, Skin diseases etc. Citta Medicines available here, are pure and natural. They are safe and effective. Skin ailments, Vatha ailments, Diabetes, and Geriatric ailments etc have effective Citta cure.

Chronic Reteroviral conditions such as Hepatitis B etc are also treated here and well managed by this treatment.

Our Citta Medicines and food supplement products are made from Natural Herbs, Medicinal Pants and Minerals. They do not cause any side effects. Our food supplements are ‘Plant-Based Nutrition.’ Our plants are carefully grown to ensure its nature and output.



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