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Dr. Prince B.S.M.S

Director of Citter Healing


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Dr.Prince, a Citter Physician and Researcher of the ancient Citter system of healing, has deep rooted knowledge, expertise and experience for healing people through his clinical practice and intuitive diagnostics combined with experience  for the entire spectrum of patients. He is a leading consultant for various Siddha and Ayurveda industries, contributing to the development of newer formulations and innovative ideas outrivals in the making of medicinal health and wellness products, that are potent and effective.


C I T T E R Healing


Dr. Prince meets patients and wellness seekers at the Healing Centre listed in the website above.

For our International service, where one cannot come in person, our ON-LINE Video Consultation service is now available.

To avail this please follow the following steps below.

For Our International Service, Book Your On-Line Video Consultation Here...

Doctor Consultation with Dr.Prince

Many people around the globe have been wanting to consult Dr. Prince online.

C I T T E R Healing is glad that with this E-Consultation we offer you now, you will be able to consult from where ever you are. This service is our effort to make the ancient C I T T E R system of wellness available for all around the globe, to be mainstream of nature-based health and wellness solutions directly, also being an intrinsic part of peoples’ lives to stay healthy.

Our E-Consultation is a ‘Time’ and ‘Long Distance Travel’ saving, plus a service that’s available from the comfort of your home to help you with your health and wellness issues at hand at all times – it simply is a saving and convenience for you to use whenever your health and wellness issues need attention.

With e-consultation, you no longer have to travel to the doctor’s clinic or wait in a long queue!


Welcome to the world of the C I T T E R S. We are here to help you as much as we can in supporting you to bring about wellbeing to you through our ancient system of pure nature-based healing. Our health & wellness opportunities are based on each individual’s unique needs. The doctor is an expert in the field and will guide you through every step of the way.  We hope you will appreciate the service we offer you, and that you will make the best of it in staying healthy.

All our medicines and food supplements that are offered by us are prepared by the doctor specially for you and your constitution, and shipped directly to you. All our products are herbal based and these herbs are only available is special places in south India, the home to the ancient C I T T E R S where they have been growing for 1000’s of years.

Kindly follow the following steps to ensure that the system we have put into place works well for you and the doctor.

Step1: Please send us an e-mail stating your present condition, with copies of any reports or tests you have had.

Step2: We will mail you back at which time we may have some questions or we can book you in for an appointment with the doctor.

Step3: On our conformation of appointment, kindly make your payment through this site and inform us. On receipt of payment, we will confirm your appointment by mail on the dates we have offered the appointment for.

Step4: The First Appointment will be of 30 to 45 Minutes, dedicated towards understanding the Health Conditions, Medical History, Personal Scenarios, and Aspirations of you.


Step5: The Doctor may or may not suggest diagnostic health checks depending on the clarity of such information available with the individual that has been passed on to us.


Step6: The Doctor will prepare a Plan of action that you will have to follow regulassly  to have the best results


Step 7: To Monitor the Process depending on what is the specific health condition or wellness objective of you, the doctor will recommend the required consultation patterns and no of session required.


To begin with He would first put you on the medicines that are immediately required to manage the health condition, in Parallel based on what needs to be addressed, he will start integrating Intermittent Fasting, Meditation, Nutritional Changes, Lifestyle Changes and other natural methods to help you restore your health or achieve wellness. Gradually evolving your health to stage where you could be off the medicines.


Note: The Approach Explained above is specific to each issue at hand. Please note that all appointments are scheduled due to the demand of the doctor’s time for each appointment made. If for some reason you do not make the appointment, you will have to make a fresh appointment and make your payment once again. There will be no refunds on appointments not kept by you with us.

Mail US at 'healing@citter.in' and Make Your Appointment.

Once your appointment is fixed and we ask you to make your payment, kindly make your payment below and inform us please.



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Account no: 6801225013




Country: INDIA

Our Procedure




Your first mail to us will set up the process for you to have a consultation with our Dr.Prince. This will set the process going to get to know your issues or anything else we will need for the appointment to take place.

Once the doctor gives us his consent to confirm your appointment , you will be mailed to make your payment for consultation only. Once payment is made by you, you must contact us and lets us know you have made the payment for us to follow up and confirm the pre arranged appointment time and day for consultation.

Your doctor will call you on that pre appointed time and day to begin your consultation with him. Your consultation with him will verify issues he may foresee to take appropriate action to get you on a health & wellness programme to have a healthy life.

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