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Natures Marvels
Tiruneetu Pachilai


This plant contains different types of medicinal properties. For those who have normal fever, cough and cold problems, can pick four leaves from this plant and chew it. This plant can be grown in one’s home.

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Citter Research’s NATUREPATH programme is in, constantly researching on various medicinal plants found and being used on the Indian sub-Continent, for over 1000’s of years successfully for the purpose of healing human beings and domesticated animals. These ancient spiritual souls ‘Citters’ have given us their tested and practised formulations based on various combinations of plant species used, for healing and even reversing health conditions, in people and domesticated animals.

Our research programme is headed by Tiru.Dr.Prince and Tiru.Senthikumar.

They are working on different formulations that can be used safely and affectively for any human being and animal to bring in relief and wellness through medicines and food supplements based on our own tested research findings under the various laws enacted to bring safety and usage of such products to the world.

NATUREPATH is our ideal activity, to bring out the secrets of nature and it’s plants that grow amongst us through research and testing of our products that we make, to be used for all living entities.


Ancient Herbal Medicines

  • A history of herbal medicines

Medicinal plants and herbs have been used by humans nearly all of human history. Herbalism remained central to the treatment of ailments for humans that included food supplements to.

  • What is an herbalist?

For thousands of years, the herbalist is the individual in charge of healing. Often, these herbalists are a highly evolved spiritual soul – a Citter in the Tamil Tradition. They were experts and knew of the secrets the natural world provided and how to make use of them for various purposes they had taken up to deal with and to give the benefit to others.

  • Powerful plants

Indeed, the incredible versatility of plants in the sub-continent which grows naturally are organic materials that have been used in the practices of healing and medicine since time immemorial.

Natures Marvals
Nithiyakalyani Flower Plant


It is mentioned by the ancient ones that the air blown in the place where this plant is located will be clean. The leaves of this plant are used as medicine for diabetes and cancer.

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