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Admission OPEN for  September  2024 Course - CYCTPC



Our Ancient Tamil Citters, from the Indian Sub-Continent  were not only medical healers, but system scientists and system engineers, who saw the body and universe as an interconnected engineering system.




is a one of its kind dual ‘Professional Skilling Course’ in the Citter System for teaching, training & skilling a student in providing Human Health & Wellbeing on all levels – Body, Mind & Soul based on these ancient sciences, as a health and wellness  professional.

This duel part course builds the student as a Spiritual Yoga Master and as a Health & Wellness  Master paving way into a two systems of practice within the Citter System.



As a to be Yoga Spiritual Master and a Citter Therapy Master you are positioned at the forefront of this emerging field where you become a True Master in the Ancient Citter System.

You will be able work both as a Spiritual Master and have a fulfilling lifetime career developing one-on-one therapeutic relationships in a wider variety of health, wellness and in nature based conventional healing settings working with doctors and hospitals as a professional Master in the Citter System.

Citter Yogam Citter Therapy Course is a 3 year intensive teaching, practice and vocational training and is a first and only course available today in India and worldwide in Citambaram (Chidambaram), Tamil Nadu, India. This course offers with its teaching and practices over a period of 3 years as Level I Professional Master a unique approach to this field of science by providing you with a comprehensive and highly experiential kurukulam experience taught by renowned experts, culminating with an on-site, mentored clinical experience that prepares you to build or grow your practice. This programme is delivered in the hybrid ancient format of the Citters and can be completed in 8 trimesters (3 years).


Professional benefits of this course

As a Professional of Citter Yogam & Citter Therapy, you can be employed in a variety of settings including private practice; integrative group practices; health care systems; hospitals; U.S. military; veterans and military organizations and agencies; school systems; and colleges and universities. Many can choose to have a portfolio career in which they have multiple positions and employers within one or more profession, rather than one full-time job. A portfolio career provides such individuals with variety in their work life and the opportunity to develop a wide and varied professional network.


Who should study this course

This course has been designed for students who have finished their High School and are ready to go into college, and also for those who are in universities or just completed and want to do something different and meaningful based on academic knowledge and skills in the Citter philosophy, science, and research underlying yogic practices, and apply them to develop one-on-one therapeutic relationships with clients to address their unique health goals and challenges, and be qualified to work in conventional healthcare and medical settings.

Professional scope

The job market for yoga professionals is robust. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects jobs for yoga professionals to grow 13% at much faster than average rates for the years 2018-2028. There are currently 90,000 registered yoga teachers in the U.S. who possess the base level of non-academic training.

Tyoga’s Master of Citter Yogam Citter Therapy Course provides a wonderful professional training and skill based platform  for such individuals with the opportunity to differentiate and distinguish themselves from others and to their clients and potential employers.


Career Opportunities

The use of yoga in the U.S. continues to grow steadily leading to an increasing need for professionals trained in the field; individuals who complete the proposed programme will be prepared to meet the growing expectations of the general public that yoga and meditation approaches be applied to support them. The National Health Interview Survey revealed significant increases in the use of yoga-based mind and body approaches. Yoga was the most commonly used complementary health approach among U.S. adults in 2017 (14.3%, 35.2 million individuals) and demonstrated an increase in usage in the next five years, especially after COVID. The use of meditation increased more than threefold from 2017 to present day. Studies conducted show that more older practitioners than ever before; nearly 14 million practitioners were over the age of 50, up from about 4 million in 2012.

Health care governing bodies such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, the federal government’s lnter-Agency Task Force on Pain Management, and the American College of Physicians recommend and, in some cases, require nonpharmacologic treatment as part of patient treatment planning. Yoga is among the key modalities cited for such non-pharmacologic approaches.


Programme Description

This programme sets the highest standards in skilling students into a professional environment with  a comprehensive foundation in the theoretical, scientific, and experiential training of Citter yogic teachings and practices. The curriculum is anchored in a relationship-centered philosophy, honoring the Citter yogic traditions, and acknowledging the complex interrelationship between body, mind, and soul. When you complete the programme, you will be able to teach clients how to tailor the practices and teachings of yoga to address their individual health and spiritual needs and to cultivate a lifetime of wellness.

The programme provides a comprehensive understanding of the classical and theoretical foundations of the field of Citter Yogam and Citter Healing Systems that are in vogue today, as well as extensive knowledge of biomedical systems from an integrative and holistic perspective, and the ability to integrate diverse approaches with Citter healing and yogic therapy practices. It provides a strong foundation in the theories of health and disease relevant to the practice of Citter healing and yogic therapy. The terminology and language of conventional medicine are taught to enable students to effectively communicate with a wide variety of professional colleagues and be a master to effectively integrate Citter Healing and Yogic therapy with other healing disciplines.

As an academic programme, it provides the critical thinking and information and research literacy skills needed to excel in the programme and in a future career. The cohort-based model builds a strong Citter yogam community or Citter practitioners within and across cohorts of students and faculty that continues after graduation as a worldwide community.

Clinic and Telehealth Experiences

This programme also prepares the student as a yogic therapy clinician to thrive in a complex world. It offers a unique mentored clinical experience with experienced faculty clinic supervisors and doctors in off-kurukulam conventional healthcare and medical settings managed by Citter Healing, and via telehealth. In these varied settings, students assess and educate clients by applying the knowledge and skills learned in classes and through their practical experiences under the watchful eyes of our doctors and yogic Masters in their individual development through the 3 years with us.


One time Application Fee Us$100/-

for your application for the course.


On acceptance into the course, Your next payment will be

Your cost for each year off  11 months,  residential course in India is US$10,500/-

All costs  are inclusive of Teachings, Practices, Training, Accommodation and Vegetarian Food.


Air ticket to and fro and medical insurance is not included including travel from any Indian Port to the Chidambaram Kurukulam.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us and have the questions clarified.

Payment :

1.First Year Cost US$.10,500/-

Second and Third year Cost can be paid one month before the commencement of the course each year.

Tyoga will offer those exceptional students of the first year, joining the second year, concession of the second year fee, depending on their individual valuation made  by our teachers of their progress and commitment in all aspects of a yogic practice and conduct in their first year of study and practice. The same will apply for the second year students going to the third year.

2.Second Year Cost US$.10,500/-

3.Third Year Cost US$.10,500/-

Note: The second year and third year cost are subject to change depending on the increase or inflationary  nature of costs down the line and world trends taking place.

All Costs include training and practice costs, tuition costs, accommodation costs, food costs, Kurukulam uniform costs for 11 months each year. Classes and practices are all 7 days in each week. You live a lifestyle within this system, a discipline that leads you to a higher road of life.

This is a unique and one of it's kind course and programme in the world.

Cost offered to you are the very least.

Take up this opportunity today.



Please feel free to contact Us for the Admission Form by e-mailing us  and to follow our procedure in being admitted to the CYCTPC Programme.

Thanks for submitting!


3 Year Professional 
Citter Yogam & Citter Therapy Professional  Course, 

Citambaram, INDIA

Status : Accepting Applications NOW

Date : Begins 27th September 2024

Format : In Person

Seats : 25 Only

Reporting Date : 25th September 2024

Location : Cidambaram, South India

Course & Practice Hand Book


Please feel free to contact Us for the Admission Form by e-mailing us  and to follow our procedure in being admitted to the CYCMC Programme.



TYOGA offers a it's Citter Yogam & Citter Therapy Professional Course' at Citambaram, Tamil Nadu, South India to develop one’s self into a lasting profession of dignity and have the benefit to learn and practice an ancient yogic spiritual journey for one’s self.

This Ancient Citter Tradition from Tamil Nadu is about the 'Perfected Masters,’ who attained mastery of themselves. This is a tradition that’s over 15,000 years and still practised by a select few even today.

Citters are masters in the healing system of body and mind. There were also masters in their yogic practices that lead them to be highly evolved souls. They are considered immortals as they have no death. They had the ability to control the number of years they lived. Many have lived over 700 years!

This is a ‘boutique’ course and lifestyle to develop under the guidance of masters of the tradition for your benefit, and is none like another. An experience of living and learning differently, bringing awareness into your life. It is a practice of an ancient system of Yoga that is pre-Vedic, not known to the outside world

TYOGA offers you a Profession that you can make for yourself. The course is meant for everyone including those who have finished high school and would like to get into a vocational skilling and training and onto a Profession of Citter Therapy and Yoga together. The course is about, for YOU to attain mastery of your practice, teachings, a lifestyle, and become an Accomplished Professional Citter Master in Yoga & Healing.

The Course & Practice is a full discipline in healing and is for 3 years. It is a residential monastic training.

 Each year 25 students will be hand picked to join the Master Course.

Admission is now OPEN for 2024 September Batch. You can apply NOW.


  • Begin your Spiritual Journey

  • Be a part of a very ancient Lineage

  • It opens the door for you to be a ‘CITTER’ one day

  • It gives you a ‘Life Profession’ of ‘Goodness’ that you can give others by opening their ‘Spiritual Door’ and help ‘Heal’ people in need. It is the best Karmam you can do ever – Teaching & Healing, providing therapy.

  • You can travel the world and share your expertise

  • You become closer to Civa.



3 Year Course & Practice Overview

2023 - 2024

Year 1, Level 1

First Year - CYCTPC


The first year begins with the Perspectives, Context and Methodologies of Citter Yogam. The teaching and practice are designed to provide students with an understanding of key theoretical and practical approaches to the interpretation of the subject of yogam and spirituality and being introduced into the Citter Tradition and the Teachings of Citter Tirumular, as well as familiarity with those methodologies that will be utalised in the context of the course for the second and third year, creating a strong foundation for the student’s yogic growth and lifestyle.


The first year also introduces the teachings and practice of Citter Healing. The training is ‘Perspectives’ – focus on study, practice, lifestyle management of experience – LEARN, PRACTICE, EXPERIENCE, DISCOVER & ENJOY for one’s self.

2024 - 2025

Year 2, Level 1

Second Year - CYCTPC


The second year begins with the focus on the Citter System and continuation of Citter Tirumular’s Teachings and practices.  It’s meaning and value of interpretation in relation to one’s life, one’s purpose, how to accomplish one’s work in the present lifetime. The course has been set for the student to explore ways in which meaning and value are interpreted in relation to the category of ‘One’s Life’ and ‘Life itself’ in which one can obtain through Citter Yogam and Meditation.


‘Kunadlain Awakening’ is introduced to the student bring in Citter Aaviyar’s teachings of Kundalani.

The second year also continues in the training of the student in the teaching methodologies of Citter Yogam for others. They will have the opportunity to take classes under the watchful eye of their mentor.

Designed into the curriculum is the method of teaching and providing a practice of Citter Yogam to others.

Citter Healing practices continue until you begin to practice by the experiences you have got so far.

2025 - 2026

Year 3, Level 1

Third Year - CYCTPC


The third year brings together ‘Context’ -  an important perspective on Citter Teachings and it’s out come for an individual.

By the third year your fluency of Tamil and you diving into the Tamil Text will open a new door for you in he journey of the Citters.As you dwell deeper into the verses you are working with, it will begin to tell you the experience that you to must have.

The practice and teachings will be explored in detail diving into the verses and explored in detail, where personal experience of the student will be the focus and investigated.


Continuation of Kundalini Awakening as a practice to higher ground will be approached to give the student the right foundation and experience of the techniques used.

Finally, the course will treat the psychological and physiological aspects of Yogam and Meditation on the basis of current research that you will be subjected to.

You will also have the ability to begin your journey in Kunadlani Yogam.


On completion of the 3 years and passing out of the course, successful students who have passed our standards of examination will be ready to go out into the world to be Practisioners of Citer Yogam and to teach. You will also be an expert in Citter Healing and use it as a profession to work with doctors to help heal people.


You will receive three different certificate – The first certificate certifies you as a ‘Master in Citter Yogam.’ The second certification certifies you as a 'Citter Healer' and the third certification is about the you being certified to practice 'Kundalani Awakening.'

An Exceptional Journey in your life

Once you are on your individual ‘Spiritual Journey’ you become… “You are capable and unstoppable...”

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