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Begins January  2023, and thereafter each month.


“The Heart is symbolic for the centre of our spiritual being–limitless compassion and knowledge beyond the intellect.” 

“So much in our world has been turned upside down, and change can be unsettling, challenging a sense of the self. What felt like a solid foundation can lose some of its stability. What gives my life meaning now? How do I uncover purpose in the midst of so much change? Take this opportunity to step back, reassess through inquiry and practice, and move forward on solid ground, trusting an inner knowing. Who am I now?”

Connecting with yourself can lead you to question what is beautiful and sacred within.

What can we learn from the Citter Teachings? The ground of the ‘Heart’ is where we can open to inspiration and understanding. In this retreat, we offer practices of reflection, bakti, visualization, silence and breath to deepen a connection to the inner source of love. By listening and becoming receptive to your still, small voice, you can invite healing that clears the way for finer feelings of gratitude and compassion. You connect to what does your heart say?


Relaxation offers the possibility of becoming still, softening and opening. The healing benefits – physically, emotionally and mentally – can be profound. Awareness expands, bringing the Light of wisdom and understanding.


We genuinely care for your well-being so we have designed a shorter stay retreat that introduces to you the ancient Citter teachings as yogam and healing to offer tools to empower, wake up, think deeply, explore and learn. The depth and rich array of our practices will free your hearts and offer you the healing you require.


Our 16-day Guided Retreat embodies our Ancient Citter Yogam practices – authentic, integrative teachings to apply to your life in a meaningful and lasting way.


We welcome you. We are here to support you on your spiritual journey and life management.



  • Hope,

  • renewal,

  • relaxation and inspiration – enabling you to help yourself and offer inspiration to others,

  • Self-knowledge,

  • confidence

  • Connection with your inner wisdom and knowing – your Divine nature

  • Feeling of sacredness in nature and yourself.

  • Skills to listen compassionately to yourself and others.



Each retreat is an intimate experience with like-minded participants in a small group not more then 10 and includes daily practices guided by experienced Masters.


By engaging you as a whole person—heart, mind, body, and soul— the Civa Citter Retreat is an unforgettable experience that will inspire you for a lifetime.


Allow yourself to put aside your constant daily demands and immerse yourself in 16 days at our Citter Retreat, for you to learn, practice, experience and discover for yourself your spiritual self.


This monastic retreat is a nourishing space for a wholehearted commitment to ‘Truth’ – Your Bakti, where seekers can not only experience the beauty of the Citter teachings & tradition, but be involved and experience a spiritual journey of Beingness and to fearlessly challenge all the belief systems and barriers that prevent one from experiencing ones True ‘Self.’



Please down load this form, print, carefully fill, and e-mail it back to us signed, to be process for admission into the programme. Please wait for our response.



The Citter Retreat is an experience and are enlightenment intensives for those seeking to awaken to their True Nature. The presence of an awakened person provides opportunities for a direct transmission of Truth, enabling one to drop into Beingness, the pure awareness that is untouched and unchanged.


It is small group all-inclusive wellness spiritual setting for you to participate in


This is an affordable retreat and good investment in your travel to Tamil Nadu, India.


Join us on our next retreat 


Cidambaram INDIA


Status : Accepting Applications NOW

Date : Begins 1st Week of Each Month

Format : In Person

Practisioners : 10

Location : Cidambaram, Tamil Nadu, South India

Accommodation : Free

Cost : Per Day US$70/- for Food, Classes & Practices



Please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you through the process of booking your place in our programme offered to you..

Thanks for submitting!


In learning about Tamil culture and history, one should never ignore the existence of Citters.

Citters are saints who have obtained some incredible powers, and achieved a "God-like" state. They possess immense knowledge and experience in fields such as Vaithiyam (Medicine), Vatham (Alchemy), Jothidam (Astrology), Manthirigam (Tantric practices), Yogam (Meditation and Yogic exercises), as well as Gnanam (Knowledge about the Almighty).

The philosophy of the Tamil Citters, by virtue of their mystical and enigmatic nature, has not attracted the attention of many world scholars in this field of philosophy that comes from the Tamil Tradition.

The work of CITTER Kurukulam through its programmes offered as TYOGA gives a comprehensive and faithful presentation of the philosophy and teachings by way of practices of the Ancient Citters. Drawing upon a wide range of sources, TYOGA gives a philosophical foundation, teachings, practices and retreats for the conception of the human body, the method mysticism and the twilight language of the Citters.

There is no English equivalent which can bring out the full significance of the term ‘siddha’. A Siddha is a yogin who has attained various supernatural powers, one who has realized Siva in himself, one who has transformed himself into Siva. In the context of the Tamil tradition, a `Siddha is a revolutionary and a non-conformist in his beliefs and practices.

It is well known that the Tamil Citter mystics of the Civa composed their hymns in the vernacular, which is a medium convenient to both the speaker/writer and listener/reader: the former who is interested in conveying the spiritual experience can do it with ease and efficacy and the latter can assimilate the message with profit and pleasure. This does not mean that the language of the mystics is easy of comprehension; the language is suggestive and sym— bolic, paradoxical and esoteric. The language of the Citters is a ‘twilight language’ in Tamil since it combines two dimensions-the common and the uncommon, the explicit and the implicit. It is also the conversation about the Void, since it is about the supreme reality, referred to as ‘Vettaveli’ (the empty space), which is void of all qualities and specifications. The essential characteristic of the Citter language is its polysemantic nature, its multivalence, its capacity to express at the same time a number of meanings both at the level of ordinary experience and at the level of transcendence.

Citter teachings show an insight into the fact that what is in the universe, the macrocosm, is in the human body, the microcosm. It is not, therefore, surprising that the human body is assigned great importance by the Citters. Their teachings are to be understood and interpreted in the context of the value of the human body as a medium through which one has to attain the supreme goal of unity The aim of the yogin is to transcend this duality and attain oneness with Civa;  - and the medium, however valuable it may be, has its own limitations and can never be an end in itself. To a Citter, the human body is a temple.

Though the Citters are non-conformists in their theory and practice, they are not anti-social. They never thought that the pursuit of spirituality requires withdrawal from the world. On the contrary, they maintained that, remaining in the world, one could practise spirituality and attain unity. They were concerned with the upliftment of the human beings, and so their teachings are intended for the people. The concept of "arruppadai,”highlights the social dimension of the philosophy of the Citters.


16 Day CITTER RETREAT is an introduction to a practice of the Citters - a journey, a comprehensive practice and experience covering the essentials of the philosophy and mysticism of the Citters. You cover the heritage of the Tamil Citters, their philosophical ideas and methods, the systematically misleading language employed by them, and their social concern—all these will be delt with in your programme with us.

An old Chinese proverb says that “a journey across the world begins with one step.” Here is your first step into the world of Citters and the spiritual journey they teach you.

CITTER Kurukulam Retreat is focused on helping people explore their individual Spiritual Journey that we are all born with as human beings.

The Citter Retreat is the begening of a journey to go beyond in developing one’s Spiritual Journey – to build ones self up and lead a highly……life….You will emerge better prepared and to make bold meaningful moves in your upward journey and purpose of life that fosters self growth.

•           Experience strategically and find innovative approaches to your spiritual challenges

•           Seize growth opportunities and compete successfully in a spiritual journey

•           Improve your ability to deliver value to yourself

•           Lead authentically and ethically at all levels and foster a culture of accountability of your life and actions

•           Build confidence in yourself as both a leader and a decision-maker

•           Develop enduring bonds with accomplished peers

•           Take advantage of resources for lifelong learning

Dive Deeper into the Experience

Spiritual Connection
Citter Yogam


I have identified myself as a Atheist for all of my adult life because I do not believe in God. But strange enough, for as long as I can remember I have felt a deeper connection to Tamil Nadu and what I see and read about spirituality, everything about the Tamils and it’s culture resonates in my soul, I feel and believe that in a past life I was a very spiritual possibly a Tamilian person and the connection has transferred in my present life. This is very conflicting to me being that I am an African American. I would like to have a deeper understanding into what I feel and believe in my heart. How do I get to the root of my feelings and be the person I desire to be?


Your spiritual feelings is in essence a deeper journey than your heritage, culture or even your gender.

Learn to explore your spiritual journey without fear…it will lead you to your spiritual path that your soul craves for. Do not worry or be concerned about trying to make your spiritual path fit your idea and what your beliefs should be. Allow and open your heart out so that your journey unfolds from within you.

"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and stars."


"I started listening to the teaching of my soul!"


Every living being longs to be perpetually happy, without any misery. Since in everyone the highest love is alone felt for oneself and since happiness alone is the cause of love,


in order to attain that happiness, which is one’s real nature and which is experienced daily in the mindless state of deep sleep, it is necessary to know oneself.

Ancient CITTER YOGAM, path to re-unite within yourself!

One of mankind's deepest esoteric treatises now comes to focus in the 21st century from Cidambaram, for human beings all over the world.

Long hidden, it will now be accessible for people to be inspired.

The whole system of CITTER yogam or yoga is about experientially exploring the nature of your body and your mind.

“Refusing the disease of the body,

Refusing disease of the mind,

Refusing further as a prevention,

Refusing death itself ensures real medicine.”

Citter Tirumular


Citter Tirumular speaks of preventing illness indicates an absence of disease and in turn, infers a healthy state of body and mind. The Citter System of healing and medicine is over 14,000 years.

This law of Nature is ingrained within each of us, revealing itself within the body as intelligence… its natural understanding and memory of balance, the body knows as its health. The body contains its healing potential in the form of the most ideal pharmacy ever organized.  The body, like all of Nature, is filled with this pulsating Intelligence that simply requires our sensitive and humble recognition.  


From this wonderfully felt sensitivity the person moves through their life with ever-expanding strength, grounding, courage and wisdom.  They naturally fulfil their life purpose.

Meeting my Citter doctor and having my first experiences in Citter healing in Tamil Nadu, I asked him what I should learn before beginning my journey in Citter healing? He responded- “you must love to cook, and learn the ways of Nature.” His response echoed the simplicity of the divine wisdom and healing from the Citters.

Karmam in Tamil is about “Your Life” your journey and the energy that you bring into the world, in the present life. This is your ‘software programme’ installed. You now begin to develop your journey based on this programme – you become this character you are now!


From the moment you were born till this moment, the kind of family, home, friends, the things that you did and did not do – all these things are influencing you. Every thought, emotion and action come only from past impressions that you have had within you. They decide who you are right now.


Break Free from Karmam!

Whatever kind of karmam you have, it is a limited possibility and that is what makes you into a limited person. Depending on what kind of impressions you took in, whether it was hatred and anger, or love and joy, you accordingly have a certain kind of personality – usually every human being is a complex mixture of these things. Once you allow this karmic structure to build beyond a certain point, there is really no such thing as freedom. Everything that you do is conditioned by the past. If you want to move in the direction of liberation, one of the first things that you need to do is to loosen the grip and shackle of karma. Otherwise, no movement will happen.


Spirituality and Karma

Once you enter your spiritual path, you are making a new journey for yourself. As your spiritual process begins, with initiations done in a certain way, it opens up dimensions which would not have opened up for you otherwise.

An Exceptional Spiritual Experience

Once you are on your individual ‘Spiritual Journey’ you become… “You are capable and unstoppable...”


The Masters


Dr.Selva Muthu Kumaran

Dr.Prince Pillai

Dr. Aroam  Raj Pillai

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