Projects for Change

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A theory of change is a clear statement describing an organization’s approach to its interest in creating social change, which links its big-picture mission and strategy to its programme operations on the ground. Strong change requires surfacing hidden assumptions and challenges from people in different roles, levels and perspectives within the organisation facilitating agreements between them, and negotiating shared commitment among them.

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C I T T E R  Project for Change is called ‘Petals.’

Imagine Life is as efficient as a flower; a simple symbol for the ideal Human Dwelling Environment!

C I T T E R has kicked off it’s ‘Petal’ project in a small urban village near Chidambaram, to experiment and re-build an environment to help shape it and its people for the future, without breaking the planet. This is an Innovation project that deals with everything as a whole that is necessary to sustain life in health, human wellness and economic and spiritual balance to live one’s life out. Our starting point was 'smart optimism' - not to deny the current reality, but also recognising the human capacity for ingenuity, collaboration and empathy.

Citter didn't buy into the dystopian futures so loved by fiction-writers where the worst of human nature is dominant and hate-filled loathing trumps good; nor did we buy into the techno-optimistic visions of the future where robots do all the work and humans relax on sunbeds or play tennis.

Deeper and broader change is needed!

Our Story

C I T T E R  works on the principles of combining market returns and social impact. This is a unique initiative to strengthen the Science and Technology of the ancient Citter tradition and teachings and to start-up a Health system all over the world from India. Since 2016,  TYOGA has evolved as in research and practices of the Ancient Citter Tradition and its Teachings and was an integrated incubation platform for high world impact in the area of Wellness – the aim being to bring about wholesome holistic health that humanity is in need for in the 21st century. In this research NaturePath was born.

Today the world has complex social, economic and environmental challenges that urgently demand a radically new approach. The way we look at it is to help develop healthy minds and bodies and a lifestyle to live outside the box in awareness. This is the root need.  TYOGA and NaturePath activities have been fused together as C I T T E R which now delivers this.

CITTERS work is on a ‘mission to create social, economic and environmental impact’ and has taken on a project in Tamil Nadu designed and now in execution, a project that brings such transformations within a  Rural environment that will become a Transformation for a 21st century living standard. This village is a test bench to put into practice our design and show it's success for others to follow. What we have designed is based on giving compelling solutions to a better life and provide such activities to fight poverty, raise the living standards of rural folk setting such excellence for others to follow and adopt.


CITTER in India has grown from a single Traditional Yogic Centre a total  'Human Wellness' activity based on ancient Citter principles of Lifestyle. CITTER is Headquartered in Tamil Nadu, India.

From Citters root base at Chidambaram, Citter expands into key gateway countries around the world with a focus on Human Wellness. Through the environments we have created, we enable people to come together to live, work, play, eat, and rest well.

​ Citters story is all about human development and its purpose for the individual,  with focusing on youth as they are our future. Citters work is on bringing unfortunate youths into a positive lifestyle with economic benefits. A lifestyle to build upon so that they are leaders and examples to other people and communities to follow where ever they may be at.

C I T T E R is a global family, with the knowledge and experiences given by ancient Citters, Citter is well placed to take advantage of such a technology to bring Lifestyles that have been developed for all human beings to exercise, and to have a fulfilled life. Citter leverages its leadership position in these practices and in the things we do, to pave the way for the future growth of people Citter serves for.

CITTERS work is Global for the global community of human beings.