C I T T E R   Spiritual Services

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Balamurugan Swami

Spiritual Healer

Tiru. Balamurugan Swami, though seeming to live according to normal customs of the world, he lives “like the ripe tamarind and its shell.” The lotus grows in water but the leaves never get wet. Similarly, as he lives in society he is not affected by desires (patru), which includes the love of family, wealth and all else that one enjoys or longs for in normal life. His mind is never influenced by the impact of materialism. He lives in society with on ‘inner aloofness’ is certainly a higher state, than total renunciation.  For he who has realized the soul (civan) is beyond the limits of time and are capable of going into the past or the present and his meditation (nittai) can continue for years.

Tiru.Balamurugan Swami is a Citter practitioner and is in the Citter linage.


C I T T E R Koyil


Citter Koyil – Citter Tirumular Illam offers those spiritual seekers remedial measures for their difficulties in life and are ready to take on a spiritual journey.

Tiru. Balamurugan Swami meets seekers at Chidambaram twice a week in person. All meetings are subject to an appointment given. The seeker must e-mail us as to their need and purpose of meeting and what his or her expectations are about. 6 Appointments per day are given for a personal meet, based on the importance and needs of the person that will be decided by lots.

For those who live abroad, we offer Video meetings. The same procedure as above must be followed to avail an appointment.

Mail US at 'citterkoyil@citter.in' and Make Ask for you Meeting.

Meeting with Tiru. Balamurugan Swami

By the grace of Citter Tirumular, C I T T E R Koyil is glad to offer Spiritual services to mankind through Tiru. Balamurugan Swami who follows the Citter traditions and lifestyle.

This service is our effort to make the ancient C I T T E R system of man’s journey available to all seekers in India and around the globe.



Welcome to the world of the C I T T E R S. We are here to help you as much as we can in supporting you to bring about wellbeing to you through our ancient system.  We are here to guide you as best as we can.

Our work has its spiritual foundations given by our Ancient Tamil Citters, who are great mystics who walked on these lands in now Tamil Nadu.​

Join us and we hope we can make a positive impact in your life, and that our guidance can make a positive impact in your life.

Our work is spiritual work based on what the ancient mystic ones have given us.

Our Procedure to Meet Tiru. Balamurugan Swami



Your E-mail to us will state who you are and why you seek a meeting.  On receiving your mail, how important your need will determine the meeting. Meetings are given based on lots that are drawn each week and you will be informed. 

Kindly ensure that you are at the meeting 5 minuits before the appointed time. based on the pre appointed time and day given to begin your meeting with Tiru. Balamurugan Swami. If you are not on time your meeting will remain cancelled.

Spiritual Days of Prayer at C I T T E R Koyil

At the Citter Koyil every month on Amavasya and Purnima spiritual offerings are made. These are days where Amavasya and Purnima play a very important role in every one’s lives.

Amavasya and Poornima are considered equally strong. Both Amavasya and Poornima have their own importance and are associated with various aspects of life.

Amavasya is an absence, while Pournami is a tremendous presence. The absence of light – or darkness ‒ has its own power which is Amavasya and Pournami as light has its own power.

When you get into a meditative state, as you tap into your consciousness, this means you have become ‘absent.’ When you become absent, your presence is - as you become absent, there is tremendous presence. The same is true with Amavasya. The absence has created a certain power. This is why Amavasya is held as important, so to Pournami is a very important aspect, as these cyclic actions have an effect on all living things and to nature itself.

The purpose of observing Amavasya and Pournami; as living beings is that we are given an opportunity to clear our doshas in this period of times that we bring on to ourselves day in and day out, due to our actions in every moment of time. It is a time that can be used as a spiritual practice to clean ourselves of negativity that has attached itself to ourselves.

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