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Citter NAUTREPATH Research Centre 2023


Citter NAUTREPATH Research Centre is at the heart of everything we do to bring about nature based products based on researching on different plants and formulations.


We strive for a future where researchers are motivated to work together in this area, empowered with the tools and services they need, and freedom from any barriers that stand in their way. We aim to maximize the impact of our scientific research and the results we get through openness and global collaborations, as we truly believe that science works best when research is open.

February 1st, 2023.

Tiru. Senthilkumar's update.


We at Citter NATUREPATH Research Centre have been working on targeting 'dyslipidemia,'  the improper lipid metabolism.

Dyslipidemia leads to plaque formation in the arteries, disturbing the normal blood flow, and ultimately causing atherosclerosis and other cardiac problems.

The US National Library of Medicine, states that ‘dyslipidemia’ is the imbalance of lipids such as cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). This condition can result from diet, tobacco exposure, or genetics and can lead to cardiovascular disease with severe complications.

The herbal prescription medicine, that we are researching on and testing since the last five years is nothing new! We are just recalibrating the formulations keeping in mind the present environment we are in and the growing of these medicinal plants in the present climatical conditions plus soil and water. Being very critical and ensuring that we have the best plants under the present circumstances our product on test has shown robust lipid-lowering effects in a scientific study conducted by external biologists. Experiments, have shown that our formulation targets inflammation and oxidative stress to work against dyslipidemia.

Citter NATUREPATH Director Tiru. Senthilkumar states that our Citter NATUREPATH Research programme, has come out with a few products that will deal with the following issues.

1… Condition causing heart issues.

2…Cancer related issues

3…Child-less-Ness conditions

Our research and findings are based on our products that are formulated from the use of different plants as herbal products grown under our supervision, harvested and processed naturally, to achieve the conditions that are needed to have an effective product. We see positive results in this work and will begin our trials soon to have scientific results that prove, of the products we will bring out.

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