As  a Multimedia Design Specialist your work is collaboratively with the Education, Information Technology and Marketing activities to assist in the development of tools that support our online learning and marketing initiative and will be responsible for eLearning/multimedia design and development, which includes creating and maintaining learning assets. This position reports to the Director.

Position Title:  Multimedia Designer (Full-Time)

Work Location:  Chidambaram TN

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Director, eLearning, and eLearning teachers to build courseware that conforms to standards for effective e-learning and CITTER branding.

  • Participate in the testing process of de-bugging e-learning modules for quality assurance of the course.

  • Work with the Director, eLearning, and eLearning teachers to optimize user interface and user engagement for courseware and other learning tools.

  • Assist with the management and administration of the learning management system, provide technical assistance and support materials for end users and other internal clients as needed.

  • Provide multimedia support within the Education Department for blended learning programmes when needed.

  • Serve on project teams and/or serve as project lead as necessary

  • Other job-related duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Technical Experience:

  • At least two (2) years of relevant experience

  • Strong multimedia skills, which include video/audio editing and encoding, and web development

  • Track record of delivering projects on time, to specification, and within budgetary constraints, with limited supervision

  • Demonstrated attention to detail while working on multiple projects simultaneously Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Openness to learning and adapting to new technology

  • Ability to work in collaborative, cross-functional team environment and think creatively

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and web-based applications


  • Ability to anticipate problems and recommend solutions

  • Knowledge of non-linear editing platforms

  • Experience using Articulate Storyline or similar e-learning software

  • Proficiency with the Adobe creative suit suite

  • Professional experience using a learning management system

  • Background in developing iOS/Android applications helpful

Education Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree (or higher) preferably in communications, educational technology, instructional design, graphic design, media studies or a related field.

What You’ll Do

  • You will take charge of all the Multimedia needs the organisation expects with excellent results respected globally.

  • All work is unique and original, well presented that creates a lasting impression on the work delivered and appreciated by the public. 

  • You will be a think tank of original work and creatively establishing a unique culture where you are able to touch the other person's needs and provide such to fulfill their aspirations.

  • To look the best ways we can provide our on-line interaction throughout the world so that there is more connectivity that is warm and personal - heart warming between us and the other on screen.

  • Look into 'Publication' Journalism and story writing.

Who You are

  • A dedicated Professional, passionate to the cause of Citter activities, working to the success of the organisation as a global entity.

  • To have the ability to create a variety of multimedia packages that combine sound clips, photography, video montages and animation. Enter the multimedia specialist who directs this technologically demanding convergence of media forms.

  • To be an important part of this exciting field that is demanding and to be well-suited suited to technically adept creative types interested in an emerging realm that encourages experimentation and risk taking. A willingness to engage your creative impulses is essential to success in multimedia.

  • To design good presentations in Education and Practices for On-line Courses to reach out to all the world and make unique presentations that will attract the masses using social networking and social media. Natural creativity must be the style – unique and mind blowing to the audience we seek and establish with.

  • To have a creative impulse and technology know-how is the foundation to build upon. Designers don't need high-level programming skills, but need to understand the integration of technologies: "There definitely has to be a convergence.” You are someone who makes things on their own.

  • Knowing the basics of many different aspects of computer design -- coding, design, databases and networking, to name a few -- will make meetings easier and allow you to provide well-informed decisions. As multimedia appears on a wider variety of devices, multimedia professionals need to demonstrate know-how not just in software but also in the variety of platforms on which multimedia projects will appear -- PCs, gaming devices, iPods, televisions and cell phones. "We are operating in a multiplatform world.” You need to understand how these things work. That is where the opportunity and future is.