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Spirituality is an ‘Individual Experience’ of the ‘self’ and greater ‘Self’ in the given context of one’s life.

Our spiritual experience defines the purpose and goal of our life in accordance with it. Citter is the action of the ‘Soul.’ To be on your spiritual journey you foster the harmony of devotion, knowledge and action in selfless service.

In order to bring about such a spiritual approach to life and its eventualities it is necessary to initiate a personal integration in the life of you as an individual on various levels such as spiritual, physical, psychological, intellectual and social as you live with others in this world. You daily interact with others. This means with other ‘souls!’

Events connects people from various backgrounds and unites them with the magical ambiance of Spiritual Tamil Nadu. Being a part, you happen to be in the cultural hub of a spiritual land.

Take time out to participate in our events. Visit the famous Tillai Nataraja Koyil and shrines that adorn the town and gain food for your soul. As for food for the body, there are also Citter nutrition and healing workshops that you can attend.

The Citter Roots at Cidambaram, fulfils the main vision of its creator, which is the Main Citter Koyil to be built followed by its extensions through the world for Citter Communities to come together supporting social activities for that area.

“Pack your bags” join us at our events, meant for you – it begins your journey at the foot hill and the door opens for you to climb.

16 Day Citter Retreat

This is a 'Reach Out' retreat opening your door to spirituality. The 16 day practice sets into motion your journey in the Citter tradition on an upward journey to experience for yourself.

The retreat is offered each month beginning the first week of each month throughout 2023.

The retreat is for a maximum of 10 persons and therefore it is adviced to book your place on the date you feel is best for you and pay US$120/- as an advance to reserve your place. Balance amount to be paid at the time you arrive and register yourself.

Professional Citter Yogam & Healing Master Course 2023

A 3 Year Professional Practice and Course to become a Master in Citter Yogam & Citter Healing. The course helps you set up into a life long dignified profession. 

Course begins September 2023 and admissions are open now for the selected students. Selection of students will end by 30th April to give the selected students time to prepare their Journey to Tamil Nadu and settle into the practice.

N A N B A N 2023

Join Us on our work to help resolve the issues confronting our poor small holding farmers as the constitute about some 770 million people about 70% who are found in rural India and bring prosperity for them. With agriculture employing more than 50% of India’s

workforce, it also is the largest source of livelihood!

NANBAN our NGO has been set up to work with poor small farmers.


Each year we work with 30 farmers to bring about change for them.

Help us by donating and involving yourself for this great cause that has been taken up as NANBAN. Become a ‘NANBAN’ to our farmers.

NANBAN is about being one’s best friend. It is a relationship that one builds between people and support each other in good and bad times standing by each other. It is a special relationship.

civa with tirumandiram.jpg
Between 8-9.30pm​

Every Thursday evening we have a Devotional Evening with Civa. It is time spent in our devotion to him at Citter Koyil in Cidambaram. We offer this by 'Invitation ONLY'

The practice is very demanding and disciplined to enjoy that moment of time for all who assemble there.

For those who ae interested to join in may contact us by MAIL ONLY for our consideration in joining in.


This is a YOUTH Programme managed by CITTER for the Annamalai University students.

It is a programme to cultivate the ability of students individually for social purposes and more importantly to develop themself as extra ordinary human being. It brings exposure for these students as when they go to the outside world, as they are ready to deal with the bombardment they have to deal with.

It is a 'Mentoring' programme where different people will bring a better outlook for youth as a whole preparing them.

We work with the university Faculty of Sociology MSW students.


CITTER Healing with the Center of Yoga studies of Annamalai University offers a once a month camp at the Center of Yoga studies to advocate health & healing for all university students, staff, professors, management etc.

The programme is headed by Dr. Venkatalchapaty and Dr. Prince under the blessings of the Vice-Chancellor and the Dean.

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