This is a combination programme of Youth, Volunteering & Internship all-in-one of C I T T E R ‘s YES Programme.

The YES Programme is about skilling youth into excellence through vocational activities set by  C I T T E R.

This YES programme revolves around NATURE BASED Health & Wellness and Lifestyle management.

This programme brings about in the individuals

  • having a sense of purpose

  • putting free time to good use

  • staying physically and mentally active

  • increasing social interaction

  • exploring different activities for a future career

  • reducing stress

  • learning valuable skills

  • boosting self-confidence

  • decreasing risk of depression

  • helping build a support system based on common interests

  • helping communities in different ways


The YES programme builds a sense of purpose, appreciation and gratitude to the youth.

It builds skill, new relationships with others and different experiences and exposure.

The programme exposes youth to know other people with diverse backgrounds which they all can find to be really interesting and a learning experience – a kind of mentor mentee relationship. This is very especially significant for carrier growth.

C I T T E R ‘s yes programme that youth sign up for and accepted will give youths the opportunity to have different practical life skill experience and knowledge. They have an opportunity to learn and experience work with discipline, dealing with people having an on-hand experience. They are also groomed into a standard of practices that is much needed today.

With their experiences at  C I T T E R, they will have a better opportunity with companies the will seel jobs at. Their resume will have more credible value when companies see that these applicants have worked as volunteers and Interns.

This is especially good for graduates looking out for a good job. Companies will look for well-rounded applicants. The YES programme  demonstrates willingness to help having compassion that shows they go above and beyond.

The beneficial effects of the YES programme on health outcomes have been well documented. Research has found that participation in voluntary services is significantly predictive of better mental and physical health, life satisfaction, self-esteem, happiness, lower depressive symptoms, psychological distress, and mortality and functional inability.

The YES system of training is for a new generation of practitioners of a skill and experiences on the spot. It is a grooming process to build individuals in excellence in all that they can do. Most of the training is done while working based on a volunteering experience and mindset. Here people learn their trade, in exchange for their continuing labour by the giving experience. Theoretical education may also be involved, informally via the workplace and/or by attending vocational programmes that are skillfully incorporated in the programme. This system opens the door to the individual in developing themselves and their skills.

If you want to make a difference in your life...apply for the programme by e-mailing us.