"Karma holds the power to      shift the trends in your life!

  Work with your karma to        bring positive changes to        you."

Karmic Journey

Consultation - On-Line

You have cyclically and repetitively come and will come again into this world! Unless you are a highly evolved, enlightened being, KARMA affects your life in every way; in fact, your life is the constant unfolding of Karma.

Karmic Journey gives you the insight to make the necessary changes.

"Everything is set but everything can be changed." 

A Bit About 

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Karmic Journey is the study of your Karma. It brings into focus, issues you do not know anything about and what affects it has on your life, your future and that to in your present-day life leading to the future.

Karmic Journey is advice given to you with solutions that can be put into place to help you, to get back on the right track in your life's journey.

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One Hour Consultation

Readings of your Karma

Review 6 months down the line

A One Hour Consultation & Advice will be given to you over Skype. This one hour will be used to understand your present Karma and how it is effecting your life and what you can do to change.

Here you will learn to understand your karmic state and nature and receive advice on how you must can go forward with it. How the future and also the present in impacting your life and where this can go eventually.

We will review your status based on the changes we have recommended to you to do, based on your honest dedicated effort you have put in with sincere devotion. Without sincere devotion, the door will not open and therefore this is a pre-requisite of your action for change.

If you believe that in your present life you are suffering due to Past Life Karmas and you desire to have a better future, Karmic Journey offers you consultancy and advice that will help you definitely in beginning to dissolving your bad past and present life karmas.  This will also enable you to re-write your Karmic life afresh to ensure pleasant experiences in your present and next life. Being free of one’s karma is the ultimate goal for the Soul. Our purpose is to live happily and in Harmony with our own ecosystem.

We also know that Happiness is our Primary Goal among all other Goals in our life.

Foremost is our Intention and Determination to take control of our own life.

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The word Karma can bring a lot of different ideas and belief systems to mind, and there is certainly a great deal of mis-information about Karma in books and all over the internet.


To know Karma, it reveals a great deal to us about who we really are, what we can experience and what we can become. It is a way to  learn, grow and heal.

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Karma is based on your actions and thoughts in every single moment of time - Kalam.


Karma is an action, not a result. Your future is not set in stone. You can change the course of your life right now.


But you have to make that choice, effort and have commitment and stick to it, to make that very difference in your life.

It is simply REAL-TIME COMMITMENT from your side!


We provide 'one on one' consultation to our Karmic Seekers.

Please note that this is no a commercial activity, but a spiritual one. We are here to serve and help people in their need and quest in having a better more profound life for themselves and their loved ones.

The money we receive from you goes towards serving others in real need, especially for young people who seek a profession and a future for themselves and in turn supporting their families. This way you to become an instrument in serving through us, for others, giving a future of substance and hope for a better life of that individual who wants to make something of his or her life - 

It is wonderful Karma!

To Consult

Please follow the following steps...

1. Make your payment of US$110/- for each consultation with us.  Consultation and Advice is for a SINGLE person ONLY. 

2.Send us a mail with your name and information on what you seek. Please provide us your DATE/MONTH/YEAR/TIME/PLACE and COUNTRY of BIRTH in the mail you write to us to ''

3.We will contact you by mail and fix a convenient time and date to have a CONSULTATION and ADVICE  for you ON-LINE, confirming the receipt of your payment to us.

Please Pay by the Following Methods You can Choose from...



Bank Transfer


Account no: 6801225013




Country: INDIA


Karmic reading has been around from the time of the Ancient Cittars probably over 15,000 years ago.


It is a practice the Tamil Citters used, to improve their life in this world and journey into immortality that they seek. It is hard to find such people today, but the practice of reading one’s Karma exists with a very few people today.


Karmic Journey people involved in your  Karmic reading are highly Spiritual people. They come from different walks of life and are masters in their specific area of specialisation. It is they, who have the ability to scan and give your Karmic reading, and to give possible solutions, to help you to move more effectively in life.

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