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Do you spend your days talking and thinking about natural nutrition in staying healthy? Do you want to do something about it? Are you passionate in improving people’s health with the power of plants? If this is so, you are going to love what we do and join in our partner programme.

The partner programme is about people coming together who want to make a difference, to live healthy and happy…to help others to have a healthy and happy life giving a meaning and purpose.

Citter Wellness Innovations Private Limited has just the right things going to make this happen and by joining in, you become one in the extended family of people who want to make a difference in the way we live our lives.

Review our requirements below and if anything you see appeals to you and that you are committed, mail us with your thoughts and let us know what you can do.

Health & Wellness Coach

As a coach you help your clients elicit his or her own reasons for change – to be fit and healthy. Being a NaturePath partner, you will bring in health and wellness to your clients who will be ever thankful of you introducing them to NaturePath products – you become that catalyst in better health benefits they will get. Join us and become a partner.


Getting youth involved in healthy living is critical to their development. Healthy living is an essential component to living and breathing. Youth will form lifelong opinions and habits at these ages. Encourage youth to get involved in healthy living programmes with NaturePath. NaturePath can encourage healthy outcomes for youth. Join us and encourage other youth to.


If you are good in social media and can target audiences who are looking for health & wellness, together we can build a network of people who can bring in change into their lives especially in being fit and healthy. Our focus is to engage people into understanding their unique health needs and goals so that we can help them achieve it, and be a part of NaturePath community.


Social media is a crucial activity to get the attention of people around the world. If you are good at this and will be happy to help people connect with passionate members looking for natural health & wellness benefits and build a massive community around NaturePath, we will be doing a great deed for people who will benefit in health. Join us and whisper over the social network to communicate, let alone promote health & wellness and encourage on health-related conversations to bring in awareness.

Retired Folks

Health & Wellness is a fundamental needed for retired folks to keep healthy and in shape as one ages. Networking with people to bring in Health & Wellness into their lives is a great service you can do for yourself and others. This will keep you active having the opportunity to meet others and build a community of health partitioning seekers. Join us and help be the change in other’s lives.


Health & Wellness is an absolute must for sports people. Without it nothing can be achieved. Good health and wellness maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Natural food supplements bring about health and wellness to the body & mind. Sports participation need to be absolutely fit. Join in our community and be fit. Help others to be fit and happy.


Let’s get things done Together

Join us in the collective effort to bring health, strength and equity to people.

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