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A Place to Rejuvenate in Nature Based

Health & Wellness

OPULENCE – A Citter Health & Wellness Sanctuary at Citambaram

Opulence Sanctuary at Citambaram is designed as a GLOBAL Activity with its roots at Citambaram. It is an activity to bring Nature-based Citter System of Health & Wellness practices to people who are living unhealthy lives and need to be detoxified and rejuvenated from time to time – an overhaul!

OPULENCE offers a person-cantered approach to care and to involve themselves in living their healthiest lives possible. The Citter System calls for ways of facilitating active health. Engagements with nature can positively affect well-being and bring about health through the mind. Today an inevitable trend for positive living space is declining and the disengagement, towards active and healthy engagements with nature takes a toll on our health requirements to its breaking point. People are simply getting unhealthy by the day!

So far, little attention has been paid to how different ways of being in and relating to nature can facilitate active health. Recognising that ‘nature is not just nature’ but continuously engaging with nature in ways that facilitate transformative experiences is a natural way to live and be healthy in body and mind with the soul connection.

OPULANCE is a nature based healthcare sanctuary where a Lifestyle Management System that uses the resources, knowledge, practices of the Ancient Tamil Citter System to live a healthy life is managed. It is also Spiritual and Physical Healing at the core, to bring about the best outcome for the individual who takes part in our programme designed by us for the individual to participate in

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Here is an invitation to discover the

 ‘Golden Key’ in participating at

‘OPULANCE  SANCTUARY’ for healing your body and mind.


The Royalty of CITTER, ancient and

complete sciences of natural practice and medicine

through time tested therapies and practices to provide health in

‘MIND’ and ‘BODY."

It is simply “The Art Of Feeling Alive!"  


As the world revolves around you,

immerse your senses in a sanctuary of tranquility,

begin to awaken yourself and really ‘Feel Alive!’


Once the body is relaxed the mind follows. This

enhanced energy brought into focus, nourishes a

sense of inner calm, a symmetry of needs

creating an experience that will last well beyond your



OPULENCE provides tangible therapy for the 'Soul'

and your physical being! 


It is a place to Detoxify

Opulence 1.jpg


Opulence is being set at Citambaram, Tamil Nadu. It is a residential monastic sanctuary for healing & wellness of the individual.

To know more and cost etc


Opulence Path

"You are the Universe expressing itself as a human form"





Opulence will invite people to join its Multiple 6-year Health & Wellness Programme Package, at Citambaram.

A place they can come to as an individual and be taken care off. A place that will keep recharging them during an interval of time to regenerate to go out into their world once again. A place of discipline for detoxification and rejuvenation in the ambiance of nature in a rural setting.

The membership has a life of 6 years only. Members who sign up will have an option of taking either one sitting or two at the most each year to come to. Membership is only for one person due to the nature of the programmes offered for the required result.

Each member approved into the programme will have to give a medical report on his or her condition.

As this is a monastery setting, rules are to be followed.

Members will pay in total for the six years of use at the time of signing in. They pay for reserving a place and the cost of the accommodation and services that are offered to them. Each member is looked at individually to ensure the best result for them.

The sanctuary is designed for individual use only, for the purpose to have time for yourself only without other distractions.

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The OPULANCE Sanctuary is centred on bringing the individual back to order. We draw on the inspiration and knowledge of the Ancient Citters to bring about the very best practices. OPULANCE products are all made solely by us.

The natural ingredients that we use in our treatments at OPULENCE are drawn on the inspiration and medical knowledge of the ancient Citters who sleeked immortality. Subtle combinations of fragrant oils used for massage of the body and food supplements made from nature based plant nutrients are provided to make up the secret formulas of our various products. Our therapies are also to cleanse and stimulate both skin and muscles, we marry together protein-rich massage oils with very special herbal elements.

Today, who needs therapy?

  1. Persons who are engaged in jobs that require minimal movement. (Usually seated).

  2. Highly stressed individuals in key positions or responsibility.

  3. I.T. Professionals who are at the risk of constantly being exposed to radiation from  electronic gadgets and equipments.

  4. Persons engaged in adventure sports and games.

  5. Persons suffering from mental and physical stress.

  6. And others


Opulence practices helps to check and set right damages, injuries or health blocks that happen to the human body.

The best…. but why?

The fact is this CITTER tradition concentrates on treating the affected vital spots, ie. on curing the root cause and not the symptoms, makes it’s the most suitable method for the treatment of disorders.

In our practices, nothing hostile to the body is used and nothing toxic is left behind. This makes these traditional treatments free from side effects.

Our Wellness Sanctuary can be defined as a retreat for an individual with the purpose of maintaining health and well-being through physical, spiritual, psychological ad therapeutical experiences and activities.

Citter Wellness Innovations brings these secrets to a Global Network of people who seek good health and wish to lead a fulfilling life as a member of ‘OPULENCE SANCTUARY.’

Opulence Sanctuary is designed as a GLOBAL Activity to bring about NATURE-BASED HEALTH & WELLNESS, for people based on the Ancient Tamil Citter Practices & Tradition.

o have time for yourself only without other distractions.

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