Our Family

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

C I T T E R  people thrive on fearless thinking, adaptability, and a delivery mindset — and we back it up with unmatched knowledge and expertise. The  core leadership team has embraced a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, where each family member is valued for their contribution to the success of the organisation.

Our Story

We hold ourselves and each other accountable for demonstrating the Leadership Principles through our actions every day. C I T T E R Leadership Principles describe how the organisation keep our students, at the center of our decisions as far as Educating, Training and Lifestyle management goes and for those who are connected with our projects and its outcomes, Citter keeps them in mind to.. Citters unique culture, is navigated by our Leadership Principles, that helps the relentlessly pursue our mission of providing Wellbeing to all.


The leadership team is comprised of highly experienced people from diverse backgrounds who contribute their service to ensure that the vision and goals of the orgnisation are fulfilled. They also mentor the next generation of youth who will be groomed to take on challenges in future.

Meet The Family Members

It is about Trusted Leadership, Mentorship, People  & Youth