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Our On-Line practice introduces you to the True Art of Application of Pranayamam.  The practice stems from the ancient practices of the Tamil Citters.

The breath, directed by 'thought' under the control of the .will,' is a vitalising, regenerating force which you can utilise consciously for self-development; for healing many incurable diseases in your system.


Such is the power of Pranayamam!

Citter Pranayamam 

Citter Pranayamam is about Incorporating breath awareness and simple Pranayamam techniques into one's daily life that has benefits beyond what anyone can see on the surface.

The Citter Pranayamam Practice Increases one’s life span, improves blood circulation, provides better functioning of the body’s autonomic system intern improves the working of lungs, heart, diaphragm, abdomen, intestines, kidneys and pancreas.

It also improves the digestive system and helps preventing diseases pertaining to the digestive organs.

Irritability due to lethargy and fatigue vanishes.

By pranayama practice all body organs get more oxygen and toxins are removed, and therefore onset of various diseases are prevented.

Pranayamam strengthens the immune system.

The Practice of Pranayamam

This practice is about the controlling the act of breathing. When you know how to control, you can then have the ability to control all the various motions in the body and the different nerve-currents that are running through the body.  You can easily and quickly control and develop the body, mind and soul through breath-control or the control of Prana.

Prana may be defined as the finest vital force. Prana is the very essence of cosmic life.

Our Online practice initiates you into the science of breathing to empower you in the art of learning and practicing skillfully within the principles that underpin creating and sustaining your very own Pranayamam practice, as you practice with us.

The outcome to begin with will be wellbeing of your body and mind. You will begin to feel better.

Our Online Pranayamam practice teaches you as how to use your lungs to their maximum capacity and more importantly how to control your breath and much more. For example – proper breathing should be deep, slow and rhythmical. This increases vitality and mental clarity. Most people use only a fraction of their lung capacity for breathing. They breathe shallowly, barely expanding the ribcage. Their shoulders are hunched, they have painful tension in the upper part of the back and neck, and they suffer from lack of oxygen. 

Pranayamam is prolongation of inhalation, retention and exhalation. Most of us assume that breathing is usually automatic, it is beyond our active control. This is not true. In Pranayama, by arduous training of the lungs and nervous system, breathing can be made more efficient by changing its rate, depth and quality.

Follow the principles of Pranayamam with us and train in the practice as a lifestyle. This can definitely lead you to a full span of life with perfect health and also with a youthful appearance.

About the Practice

This Practice is being mentored by Tiru. Dr. Venkatalchapathy, a master of yogic sciences in the Citter tradition. He will be your guide through the practice.

The practice is divided into three stages. The first is ‘The Beginners,’ the second is ‘Intermediate,’ and the third is ‘Advanced.’ This practice we offer now is the Beginners stage. This is a very important stage as it sets the very foundation of a Breathing Practice for an individual. Only and only when a practitioner is ready and certified by us can they be eligible to go to the next level.

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Pranayamam in the Citter system is unique by its self. It is a very ancient practice used by Citter Mystics for their practice in lengthening their life span and to remain very healthy in body and mind. Much of our teachings are from Citter Tirumular who gave us his work ‘The Tirumantiram.’

Join  us  on  the  journey  of   the   C I T T E R S.


It is the best thing you can do for yourself!

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