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"I freed myself from the fetters the Creator bound me with.

I learned the way of reaching Civa.

I destroyed my karmas with the sharp sword of realization and stood ego-lost.

And now I hasten toward the city of God."


Citter Tirumular - Tirumantiram 2962




The SPIRITUAL PLAN takes precedence over EVERYTHING. The soul wishes to blossom and remind us that we are connected to the Divine. The soul is the vital and spiritual principle that animates the body for its earthly journey to fulfil its spiritual journey.


Developing bakti is a special way to listen to the Voice of Civa. It is the true home of the divine that connects with an interior life of the soul.




When a person is devoted to purifying their inner world and performing acts of true kindness, then wherever they go, withered people and branches all come back to life. All true spiritual practices are based upon kindness


When we are in spiritual integrity, we are embracing our humanity. We are at our best, we are whole and in alignment with an inner wisdom that we all have access to unleashing our innate capacity to be truly kind people

The foundation of worship is one's relationship with Lord Civa!

Spirituality is an ‘Individual Experience’ of the ‘self’ and greater ‘Self’ in the given context of one’s life.

“Pack your bags” join us on our Spiritual Retreat. Let us take you around  – it begins your journey at the foot hill, and the door opens for you to climb!


Spiritual Journey is a platform for you to experience and to enjoy the nectar of the Supreme.

Throughout history, those who are aware of themselves as travelers upon a spiritual journey, have always pondered an essential question: “How can I live a loving, fulfilling, and productive life in this world while being true to my Spiritual Quest?”

Thus, the arena of Spiritual Psychology emerges as a common denominator bridging the spiritual and that aspect of the spiritual that we often refer to as the physical world.

Spiritual Journey is ‘Unconditionally Loving,' the ultimate competency!

“The ignorant state that love and Civa (The Godhead) are two different entities
They do not know that it is love that becomes Civa
Once they realize that it is love that becomes Civa
They will themselves rest in Civa who becomes nothing other than love.”

The fact that most individuals of humanity remain unaware of the very Source of their own Life, the temple plays an important role from continuing to hold for them this ancient truth, this path, this mission that has been given by the Ancient Citters has been set by building such temples in such special places for the future generations of humanity and also have a chance to receive blessings in such places. This is the gift given to mankind.
The ancients knew something that modern humans have forgotten. They knew a deeper truth to reality and so have left us a legacy, knowledge, practices to experience and follow.
The is the Spiritual Journey Retreat.
Spiritual Journey

Your Karma has greater plans for you than you have for yourself. Most are out of touch with their inner world. Reconnecting with your inner 'self' is so important, primarily because that is how you grow.

Spiritual Journey is about returning to the Centre of your being: it’s a path traditionally undertaken by mystics such as the Ancient Tamil Citters who have reached Lord Civa and have become immortals.

Following Civa is a journey that one undertakes as a quest from one’s heart – simply true devotion and love flowing. Nothing more is needed.

This Spiritual Journey is accessible to all people.



it’s our deepest longing and highest calling as a species.

Covers 14 Ancient Civa Temples

Spiritual  Retreat is your practical experience on a Spiritual Journey with us in Tamil Nadu., in and around Cidambaram and Vaitheswarankoyil.


You will have the opportunity and the experience to visit such  ancient Civa temples from which great stories have emerged about man's relationship to God  and the outcomes of these relationships and what it has meant to that individual with us.


Here is Your journey into the past of many 1000's of years, to understand, feel and experience the connection for yourself. A connection  that you can bring into your life in the present.

You will cover 14 selected known & unknown temples where such stories and happenings that have emerged from.

In 7 Days

Each day we cover two temples.

One in the morning and the other in the evening. Each day you will depart from the retreat centre to the designated temple after breakfast. for morning darshan.  Return back for lunch, rest and then again at 4.30pm to the next temple for evening darshan.

Enroute you will witness the Tamil country side and sometimes may stop at any unscheduled temples of interest based on time availability.

Your days will pass by with experiences in each temple and receiving the positive vibrations of each temple you visit.

Your Devotion That Open's

When you think of ‘Civa’ He becomes ‘jyothi’, which means ‘radiance.’  When you embark to experience Civa on a spiritual journey with C I T T E R in Tamil Nadu, you step into a different world of experiences, quite different from the rest of the country. Civa for the Tamils is the first ‘CITTER.’ This spiritual experience comes from the earliest times of human civilisation – the roots!


Spiritual Journey is a sacred journey that’s undertaken by one.  It is an oasis for the spiritual thirst of the (wandering) soul/along its journey in life.

Temples in Tamil Nadu are unique to the whole of India. The rituals and practices observed here are very different from the rest of India. 

The Deity in each Temple represents a particular aspect of Divinity and the Mantras and rituals offered to each Deity is specific to that Deity alone.  As such, the energy and the type of vibration emanating from the `Deities’, will be different and serve different purposes. This is why we have so many different temples in different places that have served and stood the test of time.

The daily rituals continually charge the energy of the Temple. Upon crossing the threshold of the Temple one enters into this Divine Energy field. The individual`s energy body and chakras receive and absorb the divine power and energy emitted by the Deity.

One practically takes a `bath` in the energy of the deity. This will not only cleanse the energy body and the aura but also imparts the vibration of the Deity to the chakras. These vibrations can expel negative energies and can change the aura of the person with positive Divine energy when visiting and being in these ancient Temples. 

spiritual journey-page_edited.jpg
Siddha Boganathar - Palani - Murugan Tempke.jpg

​Our  itineraries  combines the best of Spiritual Journey’s destination expertise and insider spiritual activities. Itinerary highlights include:

  • Immerse yourself in the spirituality of one of the world’s oldest Spiritual practices and traditions of the Ancient Cittars with visits to various ancient temples and sacred sites set and established by them, where you will have the opportunity to experience private meditations, blessing ceremonies and rituals conducted in the temple.

  • Challenge yourself and marvel at the spiritual commitment people had many thousand of years back dedicating their work to spiritual activity and practices. Notice these ancient temples in rural villages, towns and cities are the nucleus from where human habitat has grown  due to the temple.

  • Explore the Tamil Culture that is alive and has been alive every day since over 1000’s of years ago. Notice the architecture and history based on devotion to God, as you journey from one temple to another.

  • Relax and rest yourself focusing your mind towards your Spiritual Journey pampering your very soul and set the healing process going.

  • Absorb the different energies at each temple and have your personal contact.

temple 2.jpg

Civa Spiritual Journey Retreat -
9 Days & 8 Nights


  • 9 nights 8 days accommodation

  • 14 Ancient Civa Temples in 7 days

  • 3 vegetarian meals daily + morning tea or coffee & Evening tea or coffee

  • Travel Executive to manage

  • Instructor for the Spiritual Practice

  • Daily meditation and basic breathing practices

  • A/C Transportation from Chennai & back to Chennai and daily travel

  • Talks on the specific temple being visited, its history and significance

  • You learn the purpose and experience the temples you visit.

  • Day of Silence 

  • Witnessing Temple Poojas & Rituals

  • Prasadam's will be offered at each temple after the poojas are completed


  • Citter

  • Citter Yogam

  • Devotion 


  • Deluxe or

  • Normal

This retreat is available all year round for as a group travel of 14  Spiritual seekers.

Please contact for booking by mailing us at '' 

Group Cost
This retreat has been designed to accomodate a total cost covering all expenditure and is tailored maid. based on what we offer and the needs of the seekers, the cost will be calculated and offered.

This is a no-profit activity and only cost is charged for the services offered to each individual as a group.

Covid Protocol

All safety protocols as directed by the local government are followed and much more.

All travelers with C I T T E R must inform us of their vaccination status.


Entering the Heart of Civa is an extraordinary opportunity and journey for one’s self. It is an ancient Tamil practice of the Citters from the Tamil Heart Land who accomplished such feats.

This powerful, experiential journey into the Heart of Consciousness will allow you to step into your own wisdom, strength, and natural capacities to reveal the nectar of life from the inside out.


Lord Civa is endower of bliss. He is, who is your constant companion as you crossing the turbulent ocean of your life.

To become a Civa devotee you need to believe and feel 'Him' to your heart's content. This is the beginning of your journey with Him.

He is the only one who can change the law of destiny and can modify the course of life and events to fulfil His devotees' wish.


"The soul continues its journey of birth, death and rebirth, in perpetuity until a final liberation. This is at the heart of the philosophy of detachment and learning to let go of desires." 

Jamie - US  at Chidambaram
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience

"Dealing with the realisation of divinity is incredibly beautiful. As I sit in front of Civa, He teaches me of liberating from attachments. As I sit here in His temple the joy of His instant teaching - is not measured in words but by the teardrops of love that fulfils my heart."

David - UK  at Tanjore Periyakoil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience

"Sitting in a temple where millions before me  had come and gone, where my ancestors performed their prayers, were I sit now before Him, brings this imence feeling of love overflowing over me that cannot be described  as I see the huge form I of Him in front of me."What a spiritual presence I feel!" 

Kamala - Australia  at Tanjore Periyakoil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience

"The simple reality is that Civa gives us divine encounters because He wills Himself to be known by us personally. The spiritual can be perceived in everyday life, but divine encounters happen because He wants us to know Him personally."

Dr. Mrs Mukerji - US   Vaiteeswaran Kovil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience

"When I meditate, I am noticing every thought and physical sensation as soon as it breaks into consciousness, and I notice when it stops. There is no labeling or thinking about anything, only noticing the arising and disbanding of all as it happens in each new now moment, for one hour."

Kevin - Australia  at Civaloagnatar Kovil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience

Nataraja Temple Procession Video
January 2023

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