Spiritual Journey On-Line is a programme for you to engage in from any part of the world to the root centre of ancient Tamil Spiritual practices and its outcome for you. The linage of these practices come from over 10,000 years till date. We open these ancient practices as a Spiritual Journey for you by engaging your body, mind and soul. and to provide you support, encouragement, and direction to your spiritual quest, through these ancient teachings, practices and experiences you yourself will experience.

The Citter virtual global online practice gives you the resources which integrate contemplative spiritual practices and creative expression for your true spiritual growth.

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Spiritual journey is a personal quest we undertake to reconnect with our soul, to find our authentic life purpose, and embody our True Nature. In a nutshell, the Spiritual Journey is about returning to the Centre of your being: it’s a path traditionally undertaken by mystics such as the Tamil Cittars who through the many 1000’s of years have reached 'Civa' and have become immortals.


'Civa'  is   ‘Consciousness.’ The Truth is, that we eventually have to realise ourselves to realise Civa. This is the door that needs to be opened!


But in this day and age, times have changed, where we realise that there is more to life than the one, we have been leading. COVID has been a small wake up call for all to truly WAKE-UP to the realities of life! Each human being has been suffering one way or another, lost in their life. As people grow older more questions of life crop up with no answers. This has led to people having felt a pull toward something greater than themselves.


Following ‘Civa’ is an ancient path that many have taken; a quest from one’s heart - simply true devotion and love attaining self-realisation. It is a path many have accomplished through time. The Tamil tradition has many true stories that served to illustrate the journey to fulfilling one’s destiny and experiencing Wholeness or Enlightenment.


Ancient Tamilakam has perhaps the longest unbroken tradition in spiritual practices in the world today. This tradition of spirituality is the most advance form of practice for the human spirit and body.

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"Wherever you are, Discover & Grow in your journey to Civa."

“Hidden in each man is the spark of the universal delight,

The eternal soul, shining brightly, but a mute witness.

Awake, yet unknown, in all sleeping hearts is the seed of eternal joy,

O Lord of Wisdom, awaken my heart to reach your Soul.”

Spiritual Journey Experience & Practice - 10 Days

Spiritual Journey is dedicated to teach with compassion and integrity for all who want to connect with a higher power. Our 10 day offer is your starting point with us on our journey together.

Each day for 10 days we will spend an hour. The practice is spontaneous as it is for the developing of the individual to strive to provide a loving energetic peaceful space, and to infuse and enlighten and support and encourage individuals.


Life can be hard. All face challenges and trials, but finding answers is very important to you on your onward journey in life with it’s true purpose. When you embark on this spiritual journey – the quest you begin is the process of gaining self-understanding and reclaiming your precious souls gifts. It is a journey to evolve and grow and become one with the divine.



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Please note that this is no a commercial activity, but a spiritual one. We are here to serve and help people in their need and quest in having a better more profound life.

The money we receive from you goes towards serving others in real need, especially for young people Boys & Girls who seek a profession and a future for themselves and in turn supporting their families through our scholarship programmes.

This way you to become an instrument in serving through us, for others.