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9 Days 14 Ancient Temples - A Refreshment for the Soul.

Civa is the know-how you need!

"Nataraja the Lord of Souls"

A Spiritual Journey is a spiritual thirst of the (wandering) soul along its journey, It is a bonding process of developing a close relationship between YOUR SOUL & GOD!

Civa Retreat
Chidambaram & Vaitheeswarankoyil, Tamil Nadu, South India.

The Real Story

A Spiritual Journey is a path of self-expression and transformation. It is the path that takes you to another dimension. Life becomes more enjoyable and meaningful as you embark on this path. It is a path to Civa! Civa is ‘Consciousness.’ The great transformer who transitions you from the darkness of ignorance to the light of divinity and the only highest Guru - He is ‘That!’

Understand that each person has a unique path through their very own ‘Karmic Journey.’ Each ‘soul’ has a purpose to achieve. To know this and realize this is the very first step in the upward journey of your very own life. Regardless of one’s age, one’s religious beliefs, or circumstances in one’s life, your karmic journey must be understood, and to realize the needed changes you must make to truly get your life back on track to its final conclusion, one’s purpose to be fulfilled. Otherwise, you are simply stuck and lost.

Spiritual Journey is a journey of self-discovery. It can take an entire lifetime for a complete spiritual transformation to take place or it can happen suddenly. It all depends on the individual and their relentless seeking.

"A state of being one with the universe and bringing back the universe within yourself is an act only possible for elevated souls. A Citter means one who attained perfection. Just as a salt rock dissolves and merges into the oceans, the Citters have thrown their personality into the ocean of God or the ultimate reality within, and experienced a progressive transformation of their intellectual, mental, vital and physical sheaths. Thus, a divine transformation of their entire human nature takes place after attaining such a unique realization."

We all are on a journey, far away from ‘home!' 


As journey in our everyday lives—through obstacles and accomplishments, ups and downs, in different stages of life and everything in between, it is only when we infuse our journeys with meaning and intention, that they become Sacred.

Spiritual Journey, a movement that brings us closer towards the Divine. It speaks to our longing for something more, and our search for answers to life’s deepest questions: Who am I? Who is God? What makes me come alive?

Though ancient in its roots, the practice of spiritual journey is alive and well today, beckoning a new generation of seekers to journey beyond the edge of daily life into terrains of mystery, wonder, revelation, delight, acceptance, and transformation.

The Southern State of Tamil Nadu, know before as Tamilagam has much to offer for spiritual seekers. It is a center of one of the oldest civilisations, traditions and spiritual practices in the world.


Our earth’s sacred sites have been designed by seekers before us for the purpose of fostering divine consciousness and the experience of enlightenment. Each sacred site acts as a mirror to reflect the limitations society and our own minds have placed upon our true expression. The self-awareness gained on a spiritual retreat is special and unique for each wayfarer and is perfect, a gift from the infinite within each of us. On a spiritual journey we have the opportunity to encounter our authentic self, integrity, clarity of mind and true purpose.

The magic of these experiences involves the opportunity to enter a dream of peace and unconditional love so you can envision how life can be when you are living from infinite consciousness.

“The ignorant state that love and Civa (The Godhead) are two different entities

They do not know that it is love that becomes Civa

Once they realize that it is love that becomes Civa

They will themselves rest in Civa who becomes nothing other than love.”


Spiritual Journey - WHAT TO EXPECT

Our  itineraries  combines the best of Spiritual Journey’s destination expertise and insider spiritual activities. Itinerary highlights include:

  • Immerse yourself in the spirituality of one of the world’s oldest Spiritual practices and traditions of the Ancient Cittars with visits to various ancient temples and sacred sites set and established by them, where you will have the opportunity to experience private meditations, blessing ceremonies and rituals conducted in the temple.

  • Challenge yourself and marvel at the spiritual commitment people had many thousand of years back dedicating their work to spiritual activity and practices. Notice these ancient temples in rural villages, towns and cities are the nucleus from where human habitat has grown  due to the temple.

  • Explore the Tamil Culture that is alive and has been alive every day since over 1000’s of years ago. Notice the architecture and history based on devotion to God, as you journey from one temple to another.

  • Relax and rest yourself focusing your mind towards your Spiritual Journey pampering your very soul and set the healing process going.

  • Absorb the different energies at each temple and have your personal contact.

Civa Retreat - 9 Nights & 8 Days


  • 9 nights 8 days accommodation

  • 14 Ancient Civa Temples in 7 days

  • 3 vegetarian meals daily

  • Travel Executive to manage

  • Daily meditation and basic breathing practices

  • A/C Transportation from Chennai & back to Chennai and daily travel

  • Talks on the specific temple being visited, its history and significance

  • You learn the purpose and experience the temples you visit.

  • Day of Silence 

  • Witnessing Temple Poojas & Rituals


  • Citter

  • Citter Yogam

  • Devotion 

This retreat is available all year round for an individual traveler, as a couple and as a group travel 12  of Spiritual seekers.

Please contact for availability and booking.  

Covid Protocol

All safety protocols as directed by the local government are followed and much more.

All travelers with C I T T E R must inform us of their vaccination status.

Nourish your soul…     

Be a part of that Spiritual experience.

Spiritual Journey is a sacred journey that’s undertaken by one.  It is an oasis for the spiritual thirst of the (wandering) soul/along its journey in life.

Temples in Tamil Nadu are unique to the whole of India. The rituals and practices observed here are very different from the rest of India. 

The Deity in each Temple represents a particular aspect of Divinity and the Mantras and rituals offered to each Deity is specific to that Deity alone.  As such, the energy and the type of vibration emanating from the `Deities’, will be different and serve different purposes. This is why we have so many different temples in different places that have served and stood the test of time.

The daily rituals continually charge the energy of the Temple. Upon crossing the threshold of the Temple one enters into this Divine Energy field. The individual`s energy body and chakras receive and absorb the divine power and energy emitted by the Deity.

One practically takes a `bath` in the energy of the deity. This will not only cleanse the energy body and the aura but also imparts the vibration of the Deity to the chakras. These vibrations can expel negative energies and can change the aura of the person with positive Divine energy when visiting and being in these ancient Temples. 


Group Bookings are for a group of 12 Spiritual Seekers



If you have a group of 12 for our Spiritual Journey Retreat, kindly get in touch with us.

We will be happy to take you on this wonderful spiritual journey of experiences you and your group will have in Tamil Nadu with us. 


Individual Bookings are for an individual seeker, a couple as seekers or even a family of seekers.

Contact us to work out your  Spiritual needs on our Spiritual Journey Retreat.


  • Group Travel Companies

  • Spiritual Organisations

  • Spiritual Travel Operators

  • International Tour Operators

  • Student & Youth Travel

  • International University Student Study Programmes

Contact us & we will be more than happy to tailor make your requirements into our programmes that we are offering.

What We Offer Our Spiritual Programmes For...

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About the Programme

The Spiritual Journey Programme is a very carefully designed for the Spiritual Traveler. It is a programme that gives the individual an experience in being at ancient spiritual domains of such energies that one comes into contact with.


This is a group travel of 12 Spiritual practitioners and seekers for 7 days centered around Viteeswaran Kovil. journing each day to visit and experience 14 special temples in these 7 days. This is a Spiritual Retreat as leisure and therefore each day you will travel to two important ancient temples.

This is a Spiritual Programme and experience for the individual that C I T T E R have designed.

Come and join C I T T E R on this journey of your 'soul'  - be nourished and energised.



Tillai Nataraja December 2021 Festival

Tyoga_Chidambaram_temple.jpg (4).jpeg
Tyoga (8).jpeg

VAITEESWARANKOYIL FOR THE 8 Nights and 9 DAYS 'CIVA RETREAT' at our Retreat Centre for 2022


General Itinerary at a Glance

Note: There are special itineraries for special purposes and reasons based on requirements of the Spiritual Practitioners & Seekers that can be discussed and finalised.

When you think of ‘Civa’ He becomes ‘jyothi’, which means ‘radiance.’  When you embark to experience Civa on a spiritual journey with C I T T E R in Tamil Nadu, you step into a different world of experiences, quite different from the rest of the country. Civa for the Tamils is the first ‘CITTER.’ This spiritual experience comes from the earliest times of human civilisation – the roots!


Day 1

Drive mid afternoon from Chennai on the ECR going South

Welcome Dinner at the RETREAT and an informal get-together and discussion about the Retreat.

Early Morning Flight to Chennai to arrive before 12 noon.

Your transportation by road will depart Chennai by 12 NOON

Drive to the retreat will be about 6 hours - 246 kms with a stop for lunch en-root

so to Check-in by 5.30 pm at our RETREAT at VAITEESWARAN KOIL



As YOU start your journey with us...

Each morning as you get up, your prayer is to the Sun. The Sun is a Supreme example of Selfless and Tireless Service. The Sun teaches every being the lesson of Humble Devotion to Duty with Dedication, without any Conceit.

Start your day with Gratitude… it is a day that you are once again Born into, to Continue Your Journey in this World and in this Lifetime.

Ancient Citters say - “The heart should be regarded as the abode of Civa and the vision should be turned to experience the Divine.”

Thus, starts your Spiritual Journey with C I T T E R!



Day 2


  1. Sirkazhi - Tiru. Brahmapireeswara Kovil


  2. Chidambaram - Tillai Nataraja Kovil

Your Spiritual Journey begins with a welcoming prayer and a prayer to begin your journey to 14 Civa temples - prayer to open your spiritual nature.

Your first stop will be at Sirkazhi in the morning.

In the evening drive to Chidambaram. You will spend the whole evening going from one shrine to the other till you arrive in front of  Lord Nataraja.

Return back after the last pooja about 11 pm. A quick dinner and to bed.

Tyoga_Chidambaram_temple.jpg (4).jpeg

"The soul continues its journey of birth, death and rebirth, in perpetuity until a final liberation. This is at the heart of the philosophy of detachment and learning to let go of desires." 

Jamie - US  at Chidambaram
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience

"Rituals can help us understand concepts that are otherwise elusive to grasp. I realise that rituals are physical doorways -  the experience of moving through doorways evokes transition and creates an understanding of change."

Dr.Haddley - US  at Chidambaram
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience


Day 3


3.  Tiru Kannayiram Udyar


  4. Tanjore

Morning drive to Kannayiram Udyar

participate in the temple rituals, meditation and experience of oneness with the deity there.

On to lunch and rest

In the late afternoon drive to Tanjore. Tanjore Periyakoil has various specialties such as architecture, sculpture and painting and stands tall as a testament to the architectural prowess of the Tamils. Raja Raja Cholan built this Temple as a devotion to Civa.

Dinner at Tanjore and return


"Dealing with the realisation of divinity is incredibly beautiful. As I sit in front of Civa, He teaches me of liberating from attachments. As I sit here in His temple the joy of His instant teaching - is not measured in words but by the teardrops of love that fulfils my heart."

David - UK  at Tanjore Periyakoil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience

"Sitting in a temple where millions before me  had come and gone, where my ancestors performed their prayers, were I sit now before Him, brings this imence feeling of love overflowing over me that cannot be described  as I see the huge form I of Him in front of me."What a spiritual presence I feel!" 

Kamala - Australia  at Tanjore Periyakoil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience


Day 4


5. Tiru. Vallalar Kovil


  6. Tiru. Masilamaneeswarar

Morning drive to Tiru Vallalar Koil

Witness the pooja and kovil services

Spend a moment of time to reflect on the energy within the temple.

Onto Lunch and rest

In the evening drive to Masilamaneeswarar. Spend the whole evening at the temple joining in the talks and seeing the 8 pm arathi 

Return back. A quick dinner and to bed.


"The Eternal Way is my experience with Spiritual Journey Retreat. The energy that emits out of the temples I have visited so far is none other than a spiritual destination – a personal expertise.  These temples are landmarks of devotion and truly an abode of Civa."

"An acronym for Tranquillity & Love and one’s Engagement from the heart brings alive the deity within from fire to water, from images of nature to deities, from the feminine to the masculine, from the fleeting sounds and incense smells to the eternal nothingness yet universality at the core of the temple. There He is.”

Lisa - US  at Masilamaneeswarar Kovil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience


Day 5


7.  Tiru Needoor


8. Swamy Mallai

Tiru Needoor is a special spiritual place to be at. As you take your morning drive, you prepare yourself for this serine environment being a part of the morning rituals and once again having your moment in time to be in this temple.

Lunch and rest for the evening

Swami Mallai is an ancient Spiritual. As you move from place to place you realise home human beings have built and maintained such structures as places of devotion to Civa.

Return back after the last pooja about 11 pm. A quick dinner and to bed.


"Experiences are the most powerfully elevating and impactful. These are experiences beyond words. The temples visited so far, each day, has given me feeling of union, a feeling of one-ness; an experience of merging into the oneness."

"As I journey, each day, the day brings me a different experience and awareness of Civa. I feel drawn to ‘Him.’ I go to bed thinking of Him, and I wake thinking of Him. I enjoy each moment, and am  eternally grateful that I have been given this opportunity – this gift to visit these temples having these wonderful experiences."

Dr.Silvia - Civaloganatar Kovil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience


Day 6


9.  Mullaivaasai

Day 2


10.  Civaloganatar

10a.Vaitheswaran Kovil

Morning drive to Mullaivaasai to enjoy being present in this very ancient temple. As you enter the temple, you will enjoy the peace and feel the energy that comes from within. Participating in the rituals you will be aware of these 1000's of years practices that have been passed on through time

Lunch and rest

In the evening drive to Civaloganatar and your time in this beautiful Civa Temple and be a part of the devotion to Civa that Nanthanar had here.

Return back  with a stop at Vaitheeswaran kovil after the last pooja. A quick dinner and to bed.

arulgurukulam (9)_edited.jpg

"The simple reality is that Civa gives us divine encounters because He wills Himself to be known by us personally. The spiritual can be perceived in everyday life, but divine encounters happen because He wants us to know Him personally."

Dr. Mrs Mukerji - US   Vaiteeswaran Kovil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience

"When I meditate, I am noticing every thought and physical sensation as soon as it breaks into consciousness, and I notice when it stops. There is no labeling or thinking about anything, only noticing the arising and disbanding of all as it happens in each new now moment, for one hour."

Kevin - Australia  at Civaloagnatar Kovil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience


Day 7


11.  Tiru Kurukai

Day 2


12.  Tiru Toruthi

12a. Tiru Velvikudi


The seventh day brings you to an ancient Civa kovil. Here witnessing the rituals and being a part becomes the experience. Receiving the prasard of this temple, the morning is spent in meditation and chanting.

Lunch and rest

In the evening you set off to see Civa. You realise that each temple has its own story to tell about Civa


Return back after the last pooja about 11 pm. A quick dinner and to bed.

temple 2.jpg

"I have experienced being one with the entire universe. I have experienced that the world is a reflection of me. I have experienced that the world is in perfect harmony, even though many see the world as having gone to hell in a handbasket."

"I have had an experience that many of our religious leaders, regardless of faith, are misguided. I am one with everything. For a few minutes I felt this one with everything. There was zero distance between my body and everything around me.”

John - US  at Kurukai Kovil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience


Day 8


13.  Tiru Kadaboor


14.  Tiru Kurukai

meditation 1.jpg

Your final day in the Spiritual Journey brings you some surprises. As the morning rituals begin your prayer is absorbed at this temple.

Lunch and rest

In the evening drive  to 'kuruki. Here you are met with another story of Civa, his greatness and what he has done for those who truly call out for him. The evening rituals as you participate brings the greatness of Civa. 

Return back after the last pooja.  A quick dinner and to bed.

"You may not know or appreciate it as of this moment, but my very ability to host and retain thoughts and images, contemplate, and inquire via this vehicle I have been incarnated into that is call ‘self’ …. this itself is a mystical and mystifying experience … an ever evolving miracle of creation … for we are far more complex, and inherently host more abilities than the grandest of man’s creations, thus … being alive/incarnate is … the grand and mystifying event … we humans simply don’t recognize our own innate grandeur."

Anneline - Germany at Adi Kumbeshwara Koil
Spiritual Journey Retreat Experience
spiritual journey-page_edited.jpg
Siddha Boganathar - Palani - Murugan Tempke.jpg


Day 9


After morning breakfast, and check-out formalities are over, a formal thank you will be offered for joining our Spiritual Journey Retreat Programme

You would board your transportation back to Chennai for a 6 hour journey back.

C I T T ER wishes you well and hopes that this journey we have offered impacts a impression on you that opens your natural spiritual nature.

May your Spiritual path be fulfilled and we hope you will continue to journey with us in the future.

NANDRI (16).jpg

The fact that most individuals of humanity remain unaware of the very Source of their own Life, the temple plays an important role from continuing to hold for them this ancient truth, this path, this mission that has been given by the Ancient Citters has been set by building such temples in such special places for the future generations of humanity and also have a chance to receive blessings in such places. This is the gift given to mankind.

The ancients knew something that modern humans have forgotten. They knew a deeper truth to reality and so have left us a legacy, knowledge, practices to experience and follow.

The is the Spiritual Journey Retreat.


India’s Tamil HeartLand, Tamil Nadu is truly Temple Country.

Nowhere else in India can you find so many beautiful examples of India’s famous primary coloured, carved Ancient Temples.  Less exposed to the influences and invaders of the north, over the last thousand years Tamil Nadu was run by several very powerful and distinctive dynasties that helped to maintain the unique religious and political institutions.  Thus, leaving a legacy of astounding temple towns throughout the state.

Tamil lands – Tamilagam were sought out by ancient pilgrims, rishis, munivers etc. They are considered spiritual lands and through many 1000’s of years are ancient spiritual seeking routs even now where temples were built with gopurams that soar above the tropical treetop canopies.

This Ancient Tamil Heartland covered with ‘Gopurams’(Temple Towers) is a symbol to a devotee that meant “A temple tower gives you ten million good things.” A proverb in Tamil says “don’t live in a place where there is no temple.” Temples are an integral part of Tamil way of life, - a centre to communicate with the higher Self. Every village or town will have one or more temples dedicated to a particular deity and most visit that temple regularly. Apart from a Temple being a place of worship: it also offers many valuable services to society.  


Temples are for it’s :-

  • Tranquility: The temple atmosphere with its soothing vibrations of holy chants and the sanctifying presence of the Deity serves as a tranquil retreat centre. It offers essential refreshing breaks that empower people to face the stresses of life.

  • Education: The temple serves as a centre for higher spiritual education wherein people learn principles and practices for leading a life of moral and spiritual integrity. This education in foundational values enables people to use all their other education for socially beneficial purposes.

  • Medication: The temple acts as a hospital for the mind. The medication it provides heals the diseased mentality.

  • Purification: The temple purifies the hearts and the mind of those who visit it regularly. This purification inspires talented people with leadership potential to blossom into pure-hearted, selfless, principle-cantered leaders.

  • Love: The temple offers a glimpse into the kingdom of God and is a doorway to the higher Self. In a vibrant temple, people learn to form relation­ships at the spiritual level. This leads to the experience a profound God-cantered love that provides them deep satisfaction and dramatically improves their relationships.

  • Engagement: The temple provides people various satisfying engagements channelize their talents and energies into productivity and preserves, hands down to the next generation such training to continue with gratitude being a part of such a DNA through generations the tradition and culture of the Tamil people.

     Such was the culture and workings of the ancient Tamil Civilisation.