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The Quest for Good Health is Now Aided by

‘The Clinic...’


A Centre of Ancient Citta Practices.

WE AT THE CLINIC INVITE YOU to Discover and Experience our methods of ‘Healing’ and ‘Treating’ to bring Health back into your life.

You are invited to experience,

  •  the benefits of our healing system

  • comprehensive preventive care

  • routine medical care,

  • and helping patients monitor chronic conditions.

Our medical services also offer

  • diagnostic

  • therapeutic,

  • preventive outpatient services

       in treatment,

  •  in therapy, amelioration or cure of disease,

  •  illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people.

THE CLINIC serves to lower medical costs by reducing expensive emergency department visits and hospital stays.

We offer, Less expensive...,Experienced Staff...,Ideal For Preventive Care...,Effective Disease Management…, and Private and personalized service to all our patients.

Choosing to go to THE CITTER CLINIC, as it is a  private clinic, allows for more customized options to fit your needs – such as the ability to have a very experienced doctor take care of you.

Contact us and let us have a look into your health needs…and get you going healthy.

We offer On-Line Consultation for those who can’t travel to ‘THE CITTER CLINIC.’

For preventive care: Preventive care includes things like having an annual physical exam, receiving immunizations, or screening for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

For routine care: Examples of routine care include follow-up appointments for an existing condition or attending a therapy session at a mental health clinic.

For non-emergency symptoms: If you’re feeling under the weather with symptoms like a cough, sore throat, or ear pain, you can go to a medical clinic for care.

For minor injuries: You may be able to go to a clinic for minor injuries, such as muscle strains, minor cuts, or small burns.

The Citter System is Divine Science

nadi reading.jpg


"Healing is to Feel LIFE itself !"

1. Rheumatism and arthritis

2. Diabetes

3. Immunity

4. Male health promoter

5. Female health promoter

6. Psoriasis and its complications

7. Cardiac health promoter

8. Obesity and hyperlipidemia

9. IBD

10. Allergies

11. Alzheimer's and dementia

12. Piles


THE CLINIC is a practice of Traditional & Conventional methods of Cidda Treatment & Therapy.



To know more and cost etc


to book an appointment for consultation either in person or by On-Line with our doctors.

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"Healing is to Feel LIFE itself !"


THE CLINIC is a practice of Traditional & Conventional methods of Citta Treatment & Therapy.

We offer Consultation to patients and people who need healing, good health and wellness in their life. We are available at our clinic in person or through on-line consultations.

Our Citta practices come from the ancient Citters who were masters, who dealt with the body-mind-spirit complex. They were and are masters in treatment & therapies and making of specialised medicines by using plants, and devised methods by which plants could be harnessed medicinally.

Cidda deals with a holistic viewpoint in the treatment of the disease. There are no side effects in the medicines prepared and by its consumption.

Citta medicine is considered to be one of the oldest forms of medical practices in the world. The practice and treatments focus on diet and the benefits of comprehensive, natural & harmonious lifestyle based on Citta practices, to be cured off many chronic ailments without any side effects.

Our Head Doctor

Dr.Prince, a Citter Physician and Researcher of the ancient Citter system of healing, has deep rooted knowledge, expertise and experience for healing people through his clinical practice and intuitive diagnostics combined with experience. He has  contributing to the development of ancient formulations for use in the 21st century for the making of medicinal health and wellness products, that are potent and effective.

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