Travel Management Course

This Course and Training deals with Skilling a student into a Travel Management Expert for the Travel and Tourism Industry. This programme is to develop students as professional, self-reflecting individuals, able to meet the demands of employers and even as entrepreneurs to be adoptive to a constantly changing world and in particular in-bound tourism and managing it.


It’s a transformational time for travel industry. You are joining in and going to play a part in the next evolution of travel and payment.

Travel management refers to everything that is related to the hospitality and travel industries. It offers extensive training opportunities for management positions in the travel, accommodations, and food industry.

Here is an industry that is dynamic, fun, evolving, and always challenging. At its peak, tourism supported over 300 million jobs globally and generated US$1.65 trillion in international receipts in 2020.

Travel & Tourism management positions are senior roles within the industry, and therefore proper training and education with experience are important.

Today, owners and executives from the retail agency side to the supplier side of the travel industry are faced with leading the growth and development of their organizations. To lead an organization through growth requires creating and applying the organization’s core values, goals and objectives, developing a cohesive team of employees through encouragement and coaching, keeping an open mind for creativity and opportunity, all while leading the many aspects of change.

The Citter programme of Travel Management has been designed around one product and building that one product from the root into a global industry.

Students will be skilled in this scenario and become a professional in the Travel Management designation delivering.

 The course content is uniquely customized in a way to give each student who participates in this course the best skill orientation and the professional knowledge required to enter the travel and tourism industry. The course is detailed in a way to give the student the best including the skills required.

This programme will train the student to step into and be a part of the tourism industry which not only generates revenues for a country and cultural wealth, but it is also one of the most important economic engines for growth and development.

“Students have endless career opportunities in the fastest growing industry of travel and tourism.”

Come and Join Us and Make a Unique Professional Life for yourself.

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