Volunteering helps people develop empathy, making them sensitive and aware of the thoughts and feelings of their fellow human beings. Soft skills such as positivity, authenticity & confidence are critical skills to build trust and volunteering offers the chance for people to hone these skills and make a positive impact and difference.

About Volunteering with Citter

A person with a sense of purpose makes a great impact. Volunteering enables individuals to work for a greater purpose. It makes them feel more connected to the community and the company they are connected with its -wide social responsibility efforts.

Volunteering can help in building more empathetic future leaders and encourages people to engage their hearts, not just their minds, in their work. It also helps people see the bigger picture, to realize that their work can have an impact far beyond any single project.

As volunteers, you offer support, guidance, skills and your time towards the projects we are focused in that benefits all.

It gives you an opportunity to step up and share your ideas, experiences and advice to solve real challenges. This gives you enough confidence to mentor.

Volunteering encourages individuals to work with other stakeholders and helps in building partnerships between those who may not normally work together. It helps bridge communication gaps and forces people to break through barriers to find solutions together in a better way.

Volunteering enables individuals to become aware of themselves and their surroundings, empathize, and manage themselves and their relationship with others. All these skills directly or indirectly contribute to enhancing the individuals’ emotional intelligence- a key to become an effective leader.

Welcome to Citter’s Volunteering Community. We are simply one Global Family to make the world a better place to live in and experience life as we must.

Volunteering at Citter is a Karma Yogam Activity for the volunteer.

Come and Join Us - Make an Impact!

Life is a journey for all of us. We come into the world with karma and we leave with nothing except our karma. But while we are here lets do good for others and make an impact on peoples lives so that they to can travel their journey of life more profoundly - become that catalyst and JOIN US.

Please mail us with details of yourself and what you can offer as a volunteer. We look forward to hearing from you.