Our Yoga Courses

The Citter teachings of Yoga is as ancient as it gets. The yogic teachings from the Citters are pure in its practices and is one of the oldest known ‘science-of-spirituality’ to man. It is prevedic, and the knowledge is legitimate, not in one but all dimensions of life. For this ancient root, the knowledge is unimaginably vast, but, something characteristically definitive that shines forth.

TYOGA offers you this spiritual practice and teachings of yoga from this tradition and linage, to ‘step in’ with devotion, be initiated and be a part of this tradition and lifestyle by immersing yourself in their generous ocean of wealth.

We offer at this time four courses that run through the year. Two are residential and the other two are On-Line


Yoga Professional Course

Change your life and the lives of others. Become a great
Master of Yoga and Yoga Therapy

3 Year Residential at Chidambaram, to become an accomplished ‘Master’ in Citter Yogic Science and Yoga Therapy leading  you into a professional world of Yogic Teaching and as a Yogic Therapy Practitioner.

Yoga Modular Courses

Discover 'YourSelf' through the Citter Tradition, that leads to one’s transformation from limitation and bondage, into the bliss of liberation.

Yogic Teaching & Training at Your Phase in the Citter Teachings at Chidambaram. Modules are specially Crafted for the Development of the Individual into the Practice and Lifestyle Step by Step.


On Line Pranayamam

Change your life, reduce stress, find greater physical health and mental clarity simply by breathing. 

This Pranayamam Practice will take you through a progressive journey of exploration, theory and practice of this important Limb of Yoga. The practice is designed to lead you sequentially through stages of development to ensure the right methods of practice.


  • TRAIN – Our students are trained into Ancient Insights of the Citters that are relevant and practical today with high driven skills for helping others through the power of yoga.

  • LINK – Connect our students with the highest practices of Yogam in the Citter Teachings, to develop themselves to be skillful and be  a part of one of the highest standards in yogic practices and training.

  • THRIVE – Support our students to succeed in embrace change, finding more balance and flow in their life, and to cultivate resilience and work towards a mission to awaken and empower people to take action and create solutions that has the vitality of their lives, and all life to thrive in nature.

  • ENABLE – Our students to a life of purpose and devotion to one's work, to humanity and the world. To have a natural progression to further develop their skills and practices to lead a lifestyle of excellence and meaning.

  • LIVE – The Value of the Citters, as it greatly enhanced by the fact that it is a way for anyone to truly become a rare individual, and who has been transformed. It sets the journey of life inward, to enjoy the spiritual bliss you’ve worked on to cultivate.

On Line
Tirumular Yoga Therapy

Experience a New Way of Therapy &Treatment with our Online Therapeutic Yoga Practice. Explore your body's innate ability to heal through our Online Tirumular Yoga Therapy.

Exploring the therapeutic effects of Tirumular's Yoga Therapy System and its ability to increase your quality of life to be healthy.

Yoga Practice