Citter Tirumular’s Modular Yogic teaching and training has been designed keeping in mind, students from around the world who wish to join the modular teachings and practices, and of their limitations of time and travel to come to Chidambaram to be trained.


Our Modular Programme are planned with great care, so that our students can manage our courses and grow within the Citter Tradition & Teachings in Chidambaram.


This is a better study & practice method that gives balance for our students, as we split the experience of learning Tirumular’s Yogam into modules that the student can master and grow in, at their own phase of time, giving the opportunity to have proper grounding and balance in growing within the practice properly. This system gives ease of practice and training, allowing a gentler learning curve and plenty of time to reassess their performance from one set of modules to the next.


Our modular system course and practice approach, is for a student to finish a module and take a step back, breath for a moment and assimilate what they have learned, practice and have experienced. They then come back, to begin the next module with the techniques, skills and understanding they have gained from the previous module they have completed and continue in their journey of the Citter Teachings.

The Modules & Practice on the teachings of Citter Tirumular's Yogic Science - Yoga as Ancient as it gets!

Ancient Tamil


Admission Open

Students will be permitted to a maximum of two modules on each trip they come to study with us.


Furthermore, there has to be a minimum period of 6 months  between each trip of your study and practice with us.

Citter Modules are offered from October 15th, 2022 onwards.

Please check for availability as places are limited.

This Modular Practice & Course is for all people from all age groups. It is a Spiritual Path of Citter Yogam to it's final conclusion of life and You!

About Tirumular’s Yogam – The Path

This Ancient Citter path of Yogam, is a training and practice that brings Health, Wellness and Soul connection to an individual. It is a journey of life that one can acquire, to fulfil ones true nature and to sail through life comfortably with right purpose and knowledge.

 Our Modular courses are skill-based, sequential and designed to enhance or deepen your awareness and experience.

The modular course can be an ‘ongoing’ professional development of the individual student to further their knowledge and training in the Citter System of Yogam.


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