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The Future for Youth as C I T T E R
Sees It

The world of work is changing, shaped by four global megatrends:


  • globalisation,

  • climate change,

  • demographic changes,

  • and technological advancements.


Each megatrend brings its own unique challenges for young people and the future.

With the potential of these megatrends to shape the type of work that is required, the type of work that is available, and who undertakes it and how, there is a need to reflect on the role and value of work in society and in people’s lives. Citter sees this and have developed unique programmes that youth can take up to have a better future and life for themselves and their loved ones.


It will be a lifechanging transformation for them, giving them mastery over their own  life and their future, that Citter sees for them in the present circumstance of how things are evolving in the World and particularly in different Countries.

C I T T E R's

Citter's work is cantered in training youth to deal with the future. To deal with their life and take up responsibility to what they can make for themselves under our guidance, mentorships, training and lifestyle management.


Citter brings positive change into their lives.


To be successful in the future and lead a successful life, youth of today are challenged! They must determine what successful careers are available and how it would be for the next 50 years for them, what their interests are, and what skills they have or need to develop to ensure a good positive life for themselves.

The ever-changing environment calls for a transformation in how things need to be addressed about learning and skilling, providing important skills to young people to develop themselves to be successful all around. Young people must “learn to learn” and experience for themselves in order to develop the abilities required to gain new skills and adapt, which will help them secure different opportunities and be successful in what they do. They must also learn to discern reliable information to navigate today’s information landscape fraught with false and misleading information.

Citter’s 3YES Programme is very well aware of the current predicaments youth are in. Citter programmes are designed to empower youth into specific skills and be masters in them. Citter takes on the responsibility to groom these youth and take them into a skill that is professionally based, so that they are well respected in their profession they have been trained for.


This will change their life for the future.

Citter's work with students, young job seekers, young professionals and entrepreneurs gives them as our students  the opportunity to look at life differently and be successful in what Citter has trained them in and for.

Offers Youth

For every young person, a job offering decent work or being an entrepreneur is an important step in completing the transition to adulthood, a milestone towards independence and self-reliance. Globalization and rapid technological development have given rise to increased mobility, bringing new employment opportunities as well as new uncertainties to youth.

Citter's 3YES programmes are designed for Youth who are looking for a break in life and wanting to do something different, to do something they can be happy and proud about – be successful in. Citter's programmes have also been designed to accommodate those who are unable to complete their education and training, or to successfully negotiate their way to employment. Citter believes there is a need to offer them a  “second chance” so that they can get it right.

The 3YES programmes offered at the present time are:

  • To Become an International Professional Yoga Teacher and Master

  • To Become an International Specialised Master Chef in Vegetarian Yogic Diet.

  • To Become a Travel Management Expert


Based on the results, easements and the progress of each student with us over the period of time in their studying and training, their behavior, their commitment, their discipline, how culturally they have evolved and finally passing our examinations - standards Citter has set for its students, Citter will then help them based on the results the students have given and be placed based on the results obtain in the monthly and weekly easements aggerated through the study and practice period the student with us. For more details on this programme, kindly contact the director.

Citter will look at each student individually and asses their capabilities and support them, were ever they are weak at. The weekly assessments are to see how each individual student has faired and also to see how they can build themselves up better as a result of our training and practices. The exercise is to encourage the individual to be professional even during training  to ensure good opportunities they can make use of, to develop their life.


Yoga & Yoga Therapy Professional Master Course

Change your life and the lives of others. Become a great
Master of Yoga and Yoga Therapy

3 Year Residential at Chidambaram, to become an accomplished ‘Master’ in Citter Yogic Science and Yoga Therapy leading  you into a professional world of Yogic Teaching and as a Yogic Therapy Practitioner.

International Chef

Discover 'YourSelf' as a yogic chef! Be impassioned by the principles and practice, and be a part of that change the way people eat.

A 2 year course in becoming an International Chef in Citter Yogic diets. A very special course and training as a Specialty Chef.

Seasoning Salad

Travel Management

Become a Sustainable & Knowledge Platform Expert to Manage Professionally  for the Hospitality & Travel industry

2 Year Residential at Chidambaram, to become a Travel Manager. This Skilling Professional Course is Hands on Training that will give the best results in developing ones self into a Professional Travel Manager.

Chiropractic Treatment

Citter Therapy Specialist

Citter Therapy Specialist is an expert training Programme and Course Designed for Providing Therapy for Both Rehab and Fitness professionals as a Professional Citter Therapist

2 Year Residential at Chidambaram, to become a Professional Citter Therapy Specialist, learning a complete system to help people restore, optimize, and enhance performance by assessing movement and building performance-based therapy and training programmes.

Chiropractic Treatment


  • TRAIN – All our Courses to Skill Youth are carefully Designed to Train the Individual into a World Class Professional. To have such training to match any International standard of expertise required.

  • LINK – All students become more aware of Life and its value and how to get on. How to treat your life as a professional in your chosen field with Citter, its value and importance that will be the link to your life and your future. The Citter Tradition is your link to the world and mastery of your life.

  • THRIVE – Becoming a professional in one’s chosen field allows you to thrive within a professional environment with expertise to deliver and be a master at it. Your life will not be the same once you have!

  • ENABLE – The healthiest approach to a professional delivery enables you to be respected and sort out for. This will give you an opportunity to choose the company you wish to work at or even run your own business with the highest standards of excellence.

  • LIVE – To live a Professional Life and be respected for why you do and deliver is to live life for it all come together, a lifestyle that anyone will give an arm and a leg for. A Professional life and being a master in it is infinite itself.

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Professionalism is exhibited in a person who knows when to speak and when to listen, when to challenge and when to submit, and when to lead and when to be a team player. Professionals are a credit not only to themselves, but also to others.

“A professional is someone who displays high levels of expertise and efficiency.”

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