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Citter Patient Support Services Programme

Enhancing Care and Empowering Patients is what it is all about for the Citter Patient Support Service programme. Patients need support to manage illnesses and improve their quality of life through their Health Care and Wellness support system. We give this.

Citter Patient Support Services Programme

When a patient comes to us, we are aware of the health care and wellness support we give. And when that individual is diagnosed with an illness, it can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for them. Citter services are about enhancing Care and Empowering Patients. In addition to managing their physical symptoms, they may also need to navigate through the healthcare system, communicate with our healthcare professionals, and understand their treatment options.

Our patient support services aims to alleviate some of the burdens patients face by providing resources, information, and emotional support.

Our Patient support services is resource for the patient to us that aims to help the patient manage their illnesses and improve their quality of life.


These services are offered at the Citter Clinic and also through telephone or video call support at this time.

The purpose of this service is to improve the quality of life and to help the patient to manage their illnesses and symptoms, which can improve their overall quality of life and to provide patient satisfaction with their healthcare experience with us.


Out support system can help the patient to adhere to their treatment plans, leading to better health outcomes.

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