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Citter System

Citters, the immortals of the ancient Tamil land, belong to a mysterious cult that was presumed to be Spiritual, propagating principles related to the physical, spiritual, intellectual elevation of individuals and their societies at large.

Citter's Thought                    Citter Technology

Citter  Wellness Innovations Seal

“This life of yours which you are living is not merely a piece of the entire existence, but is in a certain sense the whole.”


To face the question of what makes us who we are with courage, lucidity, and fulness of feeling is to face, with all the restlessness and helplessness this stirs in the meaning-hungry soul, the elemental fact of our choice-less-ness in the conditions that lead to our existence.


The conditions for our existence are almost as old as the rocks. For thousands of years men have striven and suffered and begotten and

women have brought forth in pain.



“No experience is possible without body,

Even our very self is realized through the Body!”

- Avvaiyaar


Planet Earth survives in the cosmos through some natural power. Sun and Moon regulate this natural power around the Earth. Citters discovered that creation and survival of life on Earth is due to the effect of Sun and Moon and formed a new theory on this Sun, Moon & Earth triangle. A deeper contemplation of this theory enabled them to invent their Karpam, the immortality recipe (ambrosia); and by practice they perfected its application. Also. Citters glorified their Karpam, as the divine drug that can offer transformation and can confer immortality on one.

Karpam was prepared by Muruga a Citter also known as Kumaran under the guidance of Civa the supreme mentor of the Citters amongst the ancient Tamils through yogam and herbs. Thus, Yogam enabled them to remove the biological defects in the Body strategically while Karpam transformed the physical substances in their Body into a newer phenomenon whereby they were relieved from their eternal clutters and freed from the details of their very species and acquired a Body of Immortal nature (MaraNamillap Peruvazvu). By Yogam they merged their Spirit with Body and by Karpam they merged the factors of cosmos with Body and attained physical alchemy. Citters Body has no physical needs such as food, water and other cravings. A Citters’ Body could not be destroyed by any natural force or manmade weapons. Their Body has no barrier of space or time.

As a by-product of their Karpam, Citters have unlocked the secret of Nature that converts the base metal into a noble one known as Vaadham (Alchemy of metals) and reached its highest limits that could challenge modern thinkers.

Citters devised sacred spells and incepted structural indications of their scientific message in the form of temples, where the idols with mystic details were erected. The wiser ones motivated by destiny were expected to cipher the real meaning, act upon them and thus become a Citter.

That is why Citters like Civavaakkiyar cast an open question as: what is a temple? what is god? and, so on. For such a person the static Lingam means cosmic initiation to create lives on earth and the kinetic Nataraja in a temple could mean cosmic impact on survival of lives, creation, and so forth.

The sacred spells were originally devised by Citters with some inner secondary meaning that can lead to ciphering two kinds of salvations and their combined achievement too. For instance, ‘Ohm’ is a combination of sounds A+U+M which is explained by Citters as Spirit+Body+Mind merging which refers to Immortality, their ultimate object. While in Na+Ma+Ci+Va+Ya, the sound chunks ‘NaMa’ refers to Karpam and ‘CiVa’ refer to Yogam and ‘Ya’ refers to the combined result of these two practices.

Citters interpreted their secret coding by using their esoteric terms with the Tamil numerics such as: Agaram (‘A,’ 8, Spirit) + Ugaram (‘U,’ 2, Body) = Yagaaram (‘Ya,’ 10, immortal Body). Where numbers 8 + 2 gets transformation as 10, a new number; sounds A + U (through method M) gets transformation as Ohm, a new sound; processes NaMa + CiVa gets transformation as Ya, a new Body. In Toto, the sacred spell Ohm NaMaCiVaYa has a mystic message that, “Eat NaMa and breath CiVa to attain Ya, the immortal Body (‘Ohm’).” Hence, “Ohm, Na Ma Si Va Ya” is a sacred message to mankind at large.

Citters are not saints; they are in a way, scientists of nature. Not all can, and will, become a Citter. For, One becomes a Citter by birth; grows up as Citter by his faith, effort and opportunity. One opts to become a Citter to gain wisdom himself and impart the same to his society and thus help his fellow men to use their birth for a noble meaning and purpose.

The mystic school of Citters was of two kinds, namely, internal and external: internally they studied their Body, understood its mechanism, identified its network with mind, and formed the science of Yogam; and, externally they observed the earth and the cosmos and formed the science of Karpam.

They understood cause and effect of nature and adapted their understanding to invent many useful things to human society. Thus, Citters have contributed in almost all fields. They founded the science of astrology to predict the future of individuals by analysing the planetary position at the time of one’s birth. They discovered longevity and immortality techniques and hid that knowledge in the religion of the Tamils. Hence, the Tamil’s god ideas are, in reality, mythical explanation of science of alchemy in disguise. They advocated refinement of metals using natural techniques by applying their understanding of the cosmic setup. They devised numerous surgical instruments and used them for delicate surgery in their patient care. They invented many scientific marvels that would still be a mystery for modern science. They observed the nature of Nature. They overcome gravity by devising KuLigai, and used the same for aerial travel. They replicated the above to overcome other natural forces also and were able to perform mysterious feats.

A deep study of the literary works of the Tamil Citters, gives rise to one unambiguous fact that Civa was the originator of an elite society in the ancient Tamil culture that spread their wisdom to the earnest seekers in a strategic manner. Being influenced by the thought of oneness of God, which Civa taught His disciples, their sacred knowledge was generously allowed to spread to all life on earth.

Civa, in ancient literatures of Tamil culture is also revered as Civa the supreme authority on various matters, especially in matters related to justice. There is an indisputable claim by a Tamil research scholar, Ka. Su. Pillai, that the much glorified Four Vedas of the ancient India were originated by Civa in Tamil with four essential goals of human creation viz., Aram, Porul, Inbam and Veedu (The codes of Justice, Wealth, Enjoyment and Salvation), when there was no society or religion on Earth. These four Vedas of the Tamils were said to have been imparted by Civa under a Wisdom Tree known as Kal-Aal on the Southern side of ancient Tamil land. The above author attests this fact by quoting the scripts of Sambandhar, a stalwart in Caivism. The English translations of the scripts quoted by him are as follows:

(i) “Civa sat under an old Banyan tree and preached, The Path of The Light, the right method for salvation, To the four (saints) who worshipped Him (seeking initiation).”

(ii) “In olden days (when there was no society and religions). He (Civa) was the Chief, who mentored the ideal definitions for human creation on earth, In its four broad branches through the pioneering four saints, and thereby, Gave rise to freedom in man that can ensure and spread, A peaceful life style to all living beings on Earth”

(iii) “Civa taught to the four saints, Who have conquered the five senses and, thereby became the ‘Pure Minded AndhaNaaLar.” Thus, in olden days, Civa sat under an old Banyan tree and gave the four Vedas viz., Aram, PoruL, Inbam and Veedu to uplift the mankind.


Since Civa belong to the Southern hemisphere of the earth and Southern region of the submerged land of ancient Tamils and culture, Civa was often referred by a phrase as “The Civa of the Southern Land,” “One from the South,” “God from the South side,” “Southern Priest,” etc. These facts lead to later mythological reference to Civa as DatchiNaamoorthy in Hinduism.

Important Role in Citter cult

A careful study of Citter teachings and verses reveal a singular fact that Civa was always revered as the inventor of the very basis of Citter cult; and, therefore, when Citters had the contextual force to reveal esoteric facts, they always conclude the narration in an abrupt fashion and justified this attitude by implying Civa’s proscription over such matters as if Civa was the patent holder of those ancient secrets. It is often said that Citters have written their literature using esoteric terminology and it is believed that they did that for hiding the wisdom contained in those books. But this was an arrangement enforced by Civa himself; for, Civa himself had devised the first priestly coded language for preserving and communicating mystic messages safely. The following verse from Thirumandhiram explains this:

                   “One can understand the meaning of preaching, when One

                      learns esoteric’ of the eighteen Pandithars, but, One does

                      not know the origin of those terms, for, the Ones are devised

                      by Civa, the pioneer of Citters on Earth.”

                                                  Citter Tirumular - Tirumantiram

Civa was introduced as God in the very beginning of the Sangam convention. The old Tamil texts identify him as the one who dwells on the highest peak Mount Meru, at the plains of which, the ancient South Madurai was said to have been established. Civa was portrayed as God throughout Tamil literature. Hence, details of his personal life could not be traced. The only source that speaks about Civa is the Thiruvilayaadal PuraaNam, two famous versions authored by Thirukkottiyur Nambi and Paranjothi Munivar. They too convey 64 of his mythic miracles known as Thiruvilayaadal along with the names of kings who ruled during each mythic timeline and personalities too.

Citter Tirumular

Tirumular_Tyoga (Citter Wellness Innovations )

According to Bogar, Tirumular was born on in the Tamil month Poorattaadhi, at (the day and time) Avittam star, 3rd quarter. Tirumular rose from a farmer community. His original name is not known. Tirumular seemed to be his cult name. It is presumable that this name was given to him since he knows more about ‘Tiru’ (The Nature). Tirumular belonged to the ‘VeLaaLar’ community and he gave rise to 21 generations.

Tirumular, during his fabled span of life, gave rise to extraordinary knowledge. One such knowledge was the Tirumantiram with over 8000 verses, of whose abridged form is the presently available Tirumantiram of 3049 verses.  According to Bogar, Thirumular thus abridged his 8000 verses into 5000, 3000, 1000, 300, 30 and 3.936 An anecdote of Agathiyar states that the one with 8000 verses was drowned during a great flood that buried the very face of earth till highest mountain peaks during Thredha Yugam, the mythic age.

Thus, the present day Tirumantiram, the record; the thoughts of Civa is in 3000 verses under nine captions known as Tirumandiram-3000.

In Citter cult, disciples were considered as children of Citters. Right from Civa, all Citters were considered accordingly. This tradition of passing the wisdom to successive generations of disciples is attested in the writings of all Citters. A study of Citter’s scripts reveals one vital fact, that, their cult began as a redefined ideology of ancient yogic cult often referred to as Tantric cult. Yoga, a meditative practice, seems to be the first form of self-analysis and spiritual elevation. In ancient times, the human life expectancy was unbelievably long; the needs were very minimal; education was not defined and streamlined; mind cult was not widespread; as such, self cultivation of wisdom and acquisition of the same when so opportune, seemed to be the only possibilities. Civa the supreme mentor along with his followers seemed to have felt the need of time to formulate the forerunners of human societies and as such a strategy devised for the renaissance of mankind at large.

Eventually, as presumable through the scripts of Tirumular and his successors, Tirumular was assigned with the task of streamlining the yogic cult and making it available to those who are desirous to follow the Citter cult. Tirumantiram-3000 lauded to be the greatest work of Tirumular,  explains the supreme secret of ‘Tiru,’ an esoteric term with a contextual reference to the cosmos, the nature, the spirit, the earth, the provider of wealth and wealth itself, and so on and prescribing a methodology to adapt it to the betterment of human race. Though, all Citters have written Tirumantiram, the term is commonly used to refer to the one written by Tirumular. In order to share his joy of spiritual freedom, he wrote his scripts and gave rise to a school often referred to as ‘Tirumular Vargam.’ Tirumular was one of the eight Citters who learnt the Citter cult under Siva. It will not be a flattery to say that, it was only after Tirumular, the Citter System started to take a proper shape.

There was an epic belief that the original name of Tirumular was Sundara Naadhar, who while flying in the sky, saw a herdsman who had died in a forest while rearing his heard, since the cattle were mourning on his death. Being moved by their kindness, he entered his soul into the body of that herdsman; and since his name was Mular, being prefixed with the complimentary prefix Tiru, he attained the name as Tirumular.

The word ‘Tiru’ is a sacred word for Citters since it refers not only to riches but the root cause of all the riches, the nature and its cosmic root. Citters believed that this cosmic root, the secret message that was conferred from mentors to disciples, was the basis which in the course of time expanded into all facets of creation including body alchemy and immortality. Being the first to know and to benefit from this cosmic secret, Tirumular was conferred with this cult name.

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