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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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“When we’re inspired, our work hums. We have a sense of purpose, buoyed by the feeling that our talents are being put to good use.”


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The Story

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Our journey began unknowingly not knowing we were destined to bring health & wellness and education as our line of work for others to hugely benefit from! It seemed a journey that was preplanned a destiny and purpose to accomplish.


Our journey of innovation in the Citter System began with our founder bringing people together to execute his vision and goal being the opportunity to ‘CHANGE’ one’s self and bring in youth dynamism with purpose and to live a life of purpose as an organisation family. Thus ‘Citter Wellness Innovations’ was born with it’s root base in Chidambaram to bring the practices and teachings of the Ancient Tamil Citters for all as a lifestyle to lead healthy purposeful lives.


The focus being Social impact!

The social impact of the work, the thrill of solving interesting problems, a sense of autonomy, the excitement of collaboration, and the enhancements of one’s skills are all key ingredients to the kind of purpose-driven culture that fosters a unique drive forward.


Revenue, profits and sales pipelines are necessary conditions for a company’s existence but, when you look at the cultures of the world’s most innovative firms, they are rarely the overarching goal. Companies with the greatest innovation rates often have loftier ambitions and a higher purpose that energizes and unifies its people. They look beyond simply generating profits for shareholders to creating value for all of their stakeholders.


Citter has a clear purpose which attracts creative employees, and their unique culture nurtures passion in their teams, which drives them to be more inventive.

Our Eternal Mystics in the Tamil Citter Tradition

Our Core People

About Chidambaram, Our Home

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