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TYOGA is the teachings and practices of the Ancient Tamil Citters.


Our Teachings & Practices are Based on Citter Tirumular’s TIRUMANTIRAM specifically. 


We  also introduce Citter Bogar and Aavayaar to our students.

Ancient Tamil Cittars are beyond time. Their mastery of play is in the Essence of Existence ... They are eternally free, spontaneous, in peace and happiness, engaged in the river flow of existence. These Divine Masters encoded sacred teachings and folded it into a precious Tradition to spread by way of divine poetry. Their verses pertain to obstacles faced by humans, big and small; healing of diseases and more profoundly in imparting the sacred knowledge of a grace lit path for an individual to understand life and to journey back HOME!

Studding these teachings as scriptures is for understanding the liberation of soul and NOT for any material benefits.

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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Yoga

Not many are deeply aware or even familiar with the Tamil Ancient Cittar Tradition and its cryptically written sacred verses.


CITTARS, the ever-present Immortal Masters,  are known and cherished by only a few. This tradition thrives on and continues to flourish hidden away from the averted eyes of the world.


TYOGA shares the wisdom, emanating from this unique age-old sacred Tradition and Teachings of the Ancient Tamil Cittars, with today's post modem world.

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We Deliver Exceptional Training and Teaching of Citter Yogam to YOU to Become A Professional Yoga Master & Citter Therapist- It is Our Focus.

Our Ancient Tamil Citters, from the Indian Sub-Continent  were not only medical healers, but system scientists and system engineers, who saw the body and universe as an interconnected engineering system.


is a one of its kind dual ‘Professional Skilling Course’ in the Citter System for teaching, training & skilling a student in providing Human Health & Wellbeing on all levels – Body, Mind & Soul based on these ancient sciences, as a health and wellness  professional.

This duel part course builds the student as a Spiritual Yoga Master and as a Health & Wellness  Master paving way into a two systems of practice within the Citter System.



TYOGA offers a it's Citter Yogam & Citter Therapy Professional Course' at Citambaram, Tamil Nadu, South India to develop one’s self into a lasting profession of dignity and have the benefit to learn and practice an ancient yogic spiritual journey for one’s self.

This Ancient Citter Tradition from Tamil Nadu is about the 'Perfected Masters,’ who attained mastery of themselves. This is a tradition that’s over 15,000 years and still practised by a select few even today.

Citters are masters in the healing system of body and mind. There were also masters in their yogic practices that lead them to be highly evolved souls. They are considered immortals as they have no death. They had the ability to control the number of years they lived. Many have lived over 700 years!

This is a ‘boutique’ course and lifestyle to develop under the guidance of masters of the tradition for your benefit, and is none like another. An experience of living and learning differently, bringing awareness into your life. It is a practice of an ancient system of Yoga that is pre-Vedic, not known to the outside world

TYOGA offers you a Profession that you can make for yourself. The course is meant for everyone including those who have finished high school and would like to get into a vocational skilling and training and onto a Profession of Citter Therapy and Yoga together. The course is about, for YOU to attain mastery of your practice, teachings, a lifestyle, and become an Accomplished Professional Citter Master in Yoga & Healing.

The Course & Practice is a full discipline in healing and is for 3 years. It is a residential monastic training.

 Each year 25 students will be hand picked to join the Master Course.

Admission is now OPEN for 2024 September Batch. You can apply NOW.


Students are guided in their learning but are given autonomy over what and how they learn. The irony of mainstream educational philosophy is that it strips students of their natural intellectual curiosity. They are kept within the confines of the curriculum delivered and, students are paying dearly  for that as studies show that students at virtually all levels lack critical thinking and problem-solving skills; abilities most desperately needed today in life and in the journey of yoga.



Is  is all about hands on experience. then you think back over the lessons you have learned throughout your life, how many of those came from a lecture only environment? How many came from reading it in a book? How many came from participating in hands-on activities?

Most likely, you stored more hands-on experiences in your long-term memory than you did lectures or reading textbooks. This is because hands-on experience uses more of your senses, giving you multiple opportunities to make the information meaningful enough to store it for life.


All sensory information is a massive, constantly changing puzzle for the brain to solve. The objects you see, the sounds you hear, the odors you smell, the touches you feel, the flavors you taste, and the interoceptive sensations you experience as aches and pains … they all involve continuous sensory signals that are highly variable and ambiguous as they reach the brain.

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The Tyoga programme has been designed to give the student hand on experiences as the core to skilling and experience to discovery for one's self. Such training give each individual to experience and figure out things under the guidance of his or her mentor.

These teaching and experiencing methods are the soul of the kurukulam system of training set out by the Citters.

Join our CYCTPC 3 Year

Level 1, 2 & 3 Residential Programme to a Profession & in becoming a Master.

Admission is OPEN NOW for the September 2024 Programme. Apply NOW to be Admitted to the Programme. Place is limited.

Students are certified at each level each year to take the next leap!

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