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Below are our two offers for 2023. Booking for 16 Day Citter Spiritual Retreat and Admission for our 3 Year Professional Citter Yogam and Citter Healing Course are NOW OPEN.



TYOGA Educational Trust 

TYOGA is the teachings and practices of the Ancient Citters. We work on Citter Tirumular’s teaching specifically and also introduce Citter Bogar and Aayaar.

These practices set the stage for one’s true development into Kundalani Yogam.

We offer a 16 Day Retreat to introduce the Citter System. 


Thereafter a modular practice is offered for those who can’t stay for long and can come and go as they develop themselves to the next levels.


We also offer a Professional Citter Yogam and Citter Healing Master Course for 3 years as Level 1. This course is focused as a balance to spiritual practices and ones profession as a Citter Healer. The course is designed for the individual to work on one’s spiritual practice and teach others on one hand and on the other to provide professional service to heal people. They can work with other doctors to support the healing process of the individual and much more.

TYOGA’s work is to bring alive this great ancient practices not know outside the Tamil world that’s still alive and practised today by the Tamils. We now bring this to our North Indian brothers & sisters and to everyone outside India.

Join Us on this epic journey through a Lifestyle – training, practising, researching and so on to have the full benefit to humanity.



Contact us to to have more information on our work. If you wish to join anyone of our programmes on offer please feel to mail us.

Thanks for submitting!

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