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Cultivation of Medicinal Plants

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Citter Agro is working for Medicinal Plants Domestication, Cultivation, Improvement, and Alternative Technologies for the Production of High Value Therapeutics.


Our Story

Medicinal plants are source of several valuable drugs known as natural products or secondary metabolites. Only a handful of medicinal plants are cultivated while most of them are still collected from the wild.


Due to the high demand for these products, over-exploitation resulted in endangering the species, loss of biodiversity, adulteration of plant materials and products, and the effect on the ecosystem. Plants and plant products are used in many traditional medicines for several centuries.


To meet the demand of raw plant material for direct use or industrial use, Citter Agro have been set up to develop while understanding seed and floral biology, development of agro technologies and introduction into new habitat will improve the availability of raw medicinal plant material associated with the improved downstream process that can affect high recovery.

With ever-increasing population and reliability of herbal medicine, demand for medicinal plants continues to increase; hence, domestication of plants along with new technologies is a demand of time to meet the challenge of supply of uniform raw material.


Citter Agro is about energising the medicinal plants' cultivation and to assist Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Field Collection Practices (GFCP) in therapeutic plants and improve the quality and wellbeing of these plants as we work with farmers.

Some of Our Plants

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