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Citter Wellness Innovations

Dedicated to Human Progress & Wellbeing


Citter Wellness Innovations

A Different Approach, Using an Ancient Method for Sustainability of One's Life.

We are dedicated to human progress & wellbeing.

Ancient Tamil Cittars are beyond time. Their mastery of play is in the Essence of Existence ... They are eternally free, spontaneous, in peace and happiness, engaged in the river-flow of existence. These Divine Masters encoded sacred teachings and folded it into a precious Tradition to spread by way of divine poetry. Their verses pertain to obstacles faced by humans, big and small; healing of diseases and more profoundly in imparting the sacred knowledge of a grace lit path for an individual to journey back HOME!

Citter’ is a modern restoration of the Ancient Citter System of Health & Wellness of Body, Mind & Spirit and Lifestyle Management, reported to be the world’s oldest system of natural practices for Human Development, Human Progress and One's Wellbeing in Ones’ Life’s Journey.

Join Us...

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We at Citter use the Ancient Tamil Citter knowledge and expertise given to us to innovate for the 21st century,  providing Nature based Health & Wellness Care for our clients and  'Skilling' as a profession in Yoga & Citter Therapy for our students.

About Us

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We are transforming the way people live their lives.


We are a Global player in  Holistic

Health & Wellness

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Citter is  a Global Organisation, to bring impact and positive changes to human life  in ways that makes a profound  impact for all in the world,

whom we touch

What                    does


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Discover how we use the Citter System to drive Human Progress

Our passion for a Perfect Life for each and everyone is what drives us to bring the Ancient Citter System across the globe to give solutions to some of today's challenges creating more sustainable ways to live.

It is a force for Good.

We innovate and Impact human progress.

What We Do & Offer


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C I T T E R Koyil



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Lets Connect...

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Holistic Health & Wellness Services & Care for YOU


Are YOU Diabetic?

Are you type 2 Diabetic or type 1 on Insulin?

We provide simple management of Diabetes mellitus in the Citter System.  Our management for Diabetes are very effective and are a chronic remedy.

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Are YOU on the look out for a Natural Nature Based Care for your Health Issues that are plaguing you? The Citter System can be your answer!

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 Rheumatoid Arthritis  Are YOU Suffering and need care?

RA can be effectively treated and managed using the Citter System. Contact us to join our RA programme to help YOU deal with your RA issues.

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Cardio Vascular Issues


Our programme is a  prevention method to Improve Cardiovascular Health & stop blockages from worsening.


Uterine Fibroids Issues

We provide herbal support that works best in uterine fibroids, cysts and even in endometrial thickening. It is a natural balancing agent for the body.



We offer comprehensive treatment for male and female infertility issues. Our herbal therapy is directed towards eradicating the underlying cause.

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We Make Health Care & Wellness for You as Easy As Possible.

CITTER Health & Wellness Clinic is a leading healthcare provider in the Ancient Citter System of

Health & Wellness.

We have a team of experienced Citter Doctors, Consultants, Practitioners  and Therapist who are dedicated in  providing the best possible Care through our Treatments & Therapies.

Our aim is to help people achieve optimal Health and Wellness by adopting a Holistic approach to Healthcare.

Join Us in this system of Health & Wellness practices for Optimum Health and Wellbeing for YOU.

We through The Citter Clinic offer preventive care in...

Citter Nadi examination

The Citter Clinic

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Our aim is to help people achieve optimal Health and Wellness by adopting a Holistic approach to Healthcare & Wellness.

Health & Wellness at It's Best

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Lets Connect...

School of Citter Tirumular Yoga Offers You in 2024

Professional Development into a Profession as a

Citter Yoga Master & Therapist, a Level 1,2 & 3 Residential Course

This Course offers all students who have completed their schooling or collage and are looking to go directly

 into a Profession in 3 years in the Health & Wellness Domain & be Masters in the practice of human wellbeing.

Join US and be Trained & Skilled into a Profession as a Master.

This Course offers a person into a profession and lifestyle that gives independence to one's self and the ability to work in different parts of the world setting up their own practice & working with Health & Wellness Centres.


Admission is NOW OPEN for the SEPTEMBER 2024 BATCH - 3 Year Citter Yoga Citter Therapy Master Course to be a unique Life long Professional.

Thank you for submitting.


Our Ancient Tamil Citters, from the Sub-Continent were not only health & wellness masters, but system scientists and system engineers, who saw the body and universe as an interconnected engineering system.

Tyoga has developed a teaching and training programme for students to be individually unique by training them in the Ancient Citter System to live in the 21st century and not missing out – to be a great individual! Students are trained and skilled to work on their experience in 5 stages. Learn, Practice, Experience, Discover & Deliver is their process to ultimately become highly skilled Masters in Spiritual Yoga & Citter Therapy.

The Focus of CYCTPC is a one of its kind dual ‘Professional Skilling Course’ in the Citter System for teaching, training & skilling a student in providing Human Health & Wellbeing on all levels – Body, Mind & Soul based on these ancient sciences and practices, as a health and wellness professional and the other to develop their Spiritual Life – to journey in one’s spiritual nature, explore and experience for one’s self the higher journey of life.

The course is for 3 years Level 1 – 3 and is open to anyone above 18 years who have competed their high school or even a degree course from a university amongst others who want to make a difference – A True Meaningful Purpose.

Body, Self and Consciousness

Ancient Tamil Citter teachings from the Tamil Heart Lands of the Indian Sub-Continent have emphasised on the importance of Human Life and the Human Body - as maintaining a healthy body is essential, for it holds  the soul and is an arena for a  healthy mind to work in, which is required to attain mastery over life. Tirumular teaches the nature of the soul, its states of consciousness and the experiences in those states very elaborately.


Tirumular teaches the nature of the soul, its states of consciousness and the experiences in those states very elaborately. His teachings are a Tamil treatise on Yogam and is considered to be both, a devotional work as well as tantric. This Tamil Citter tradition, uses the body and the mind as a tool to go beyond the limitations of time, space, and causation. Citter Tirumular place great emphasis on the role of body and mind to reach supreme states of consciousness. Tirumūlar’s Tirumantiram, a flagship of Tamil Citter work, is unique in that it blends philosophical exposition with practical achievable techniques.


The Citter Lineage is considered to be the oldest surviving spiritual lineage of Ancient India flourishing from the Pre Vedic Era.  It is the Heart of the Tamil Tradition.

We offer these teachings of Citter Tirumular's 'YOGAM' the very root of ancient yogic teachings to the world.

Yogic Journey Tyoga

Ancient Tamil Citter teachings from the Tamil Heart Lands of the Indian Sub-Continent  have emphasised on the importance of Human Life and the Human Body - as maintaining a healthy body is essential, for it holds  the soul and is an arena for a  healthy mind to work in, which is required to attain mastery over life. 

Citter Tirumular

Tirumular teaches the nature of the soul, its states of consciousness and the experiences in those states very elaborately.

Body, Self and Consciousness


Citter Wellness Innovations


Connect With Us

C I T T E R Koyil

A Special Unique One-Of-Its Kind Spiritual Citter Community in Chidambaram, to be a part off. It is all about the Citter Tradition.


A retirement opportunity for YOU!


Citter Koyil and TYOGA Kurukulam are and environment of practices that propagate the Citter Teachings to support Human Beings to lead a Better Life…one with True Purpose.


Our development of a Spiritual Community at Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India…the ancient land of Citters that exists

There is a natural longing in human nature for an ideal society. We see this longing expressed from our students to have a society of peaceful, high-minded human beings living together in friendliness, cooperation, and harmony...  the idea of a state where human perfection exists, and where all people are honest, truthful, innocent, and kind.

Experience the joy of living in a Citter spiritual community.

We Only Have One Spiritual Home!

Citter Community, a place of the community, not a community center, but a place where true community is formed by Communion, where the mystical energy is formed by the people who constitute the community.


‘Citter Community Illam’ at Chidambaram is a unique special residential spiritual community for people seeking personal authenticity and self-realization, where the processes of personal inner enquiry and transformation are accelerated through a sacred, engaged schedule and life-style of spiritual discipline and focus, and psychological exploration and awakening based on the ancient Citter Teachings.


It is a spiritual living environment where personal and spiritual development are intensified and potentized through communal life, group work, study, meditation, spiritual and sacred practices, and a spiritual direction for each individual on their life’s journey.


Connect With Us

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Join our CITTER Health & Wellness Programmes for You

 On-Line Programmes

Intro to Yogic Healthcare and Wellness Practices with
Sharwan Kumar

90 min | 50US$ per Class On-Line

Mail US to Book
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Lets Connect...

...Support Us

Citter Wellness Innovations

Citter Lineage

Citter Agro

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Cultivation of herbal plants in a commercial mode is one of the most profitable agri-business for farmers. To energise herbal plant cultivation, Citter Agro works with Farmers to empower the cultivation of herbs and other plant based nutrients to be used as dietary supplements for our health care and wellness activities

Citter Research

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We want to develop innovations that improve people's quality of life.  That motivation keeps us at the forefront of Nature based Healthcare, Life Science and Agriculture, Innovation is at the core of the value that we deliver to our patients & clients. Our work is research-driven and innovation-focused.



CITTER supports NANBAN, an NGO that has taken up the plight of poor dept ridden farmers, simply struggling to meet their daily living needs, supporting  them by getting them out  the dept cycle they are in, by helping develop cultivation of herbal plants  to sustain themselves and live a life of dignity with economic development.

Lets Connect...

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...Work With Us


The work of the ‘Partnership’ has shown how health systems are adapting and innovating to meet today’s patients’ needs. These challenges are creating greater urgency among health stakeholder’s world over who are searching for solutions. Our Partnership framework, a collaboration adequately responds to the many strains on our health systems.


Healthcare franchises are the only business franchise opportunity that has shown resilient exponential growth in the changing market trends globally. Healthcare franchises have helped in creating and establishing firm health standards for people. Business owners consider that healthcare franchise business, are the most stable business of all amongst the other segments..


Different forms of volunteering attract a very different constituency of volunteers. There is extensive evidence on the health and social benefits that volunteering can deliver. Studies have demonstrated that patients, communities and volunteers can all derive significant benefits. where volunteers can make a valuable contribution in health and social care.

Lets Connect...

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Citter Koyil

C I T T E R Koyil

...With the Spirituality in You!


“Hidden in each man is the spark of the universal delight,
The eternal soul, shining brightly, but a mute witness.
Awake, yet unknown, in all sleeping hearts is the seed of eternal joy,
O Lord of Wisdom, awaken my heart to reach your Soul.”

Citter Tirumular


Your life is your only journey – better know where you’re going.

Spirituality is something beyond the self. It strives to answer questions about the meaning of life, how people are connected to each other, truths about the universe, and other mysteries of human existence.

Life is a Karmic Journey.

Receive insight and wisdom by understanding your unique spiritual journey and the essential part about your life that plays in it.


Foster a more profound connection with the divine, enriching your spiritual experiences and deepening your understanding of the cosmos.


Channel your spiritual energy towards your life's purpose, allowing you to live a life of fulfilment, meaning, and growth.


Remember, your spiritual journey is unique, in truly understanding who you are and what your soul desires.

Citter Koyil Pilgrims Pilgrimage

Spiritual practices at Tamil Nadu temples are very different from the rest of India. These practices are ancient and are still practiced as if in the past. These ancient Tamil Spiritual practices is the heart of Devotion and connection for one’s self by visiting these unique spiritual places.

Citter Koyil offers pilgrims, unique special organised programmes to select ancient temples within 100 kms of Chidambaram. These are special spiritual programmes for 5 days guided by English speaking Spiritual practitioners.

Pilgrimage to Tamil Nadu is full of joy and celebration...

Join Our Activities for a More fulfilling Life

Citter Tirumular

Life Style

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