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Recently, there has been a resurgence of traditional medical and spiritual systems the world over, based on the holistic nature of their approaches to healing. The efficacy of indigenous systems has been proved in various contexts. Hence, the usage of  Citter  that has strong cultural and historical bonds with the people of Tamil Nadu has become increasingly relevant in the 21st century - the type of life we lead!

Citters  are mentioned frequently in ancient Tamil texts as mystics who had achieved and mastered in life, such arts as philosophy, yoga, wisdom, alchemy, medicine and above all the art of longevity. They can be called as spiritual scientists of Tamil Nadu who explored and explained the reality of nature and its relationship to man by their yogic awareness and experimental findings. They postulated the concept of spiritualism for self-improvement, and the practices initiated by them came to be known as the Citter System of Medicine.

Citter System of Medicine  is the conquest of death! Citters had a firm faith in the “Deathless” physical body being in tune with the spiritual immortal “Soul” and significantly one of their definitions of citta medicine is the conquest of death: “that which ensures preventive, against mortality”. This statement is attributed to Citter Tirumular.

C I T T E R as an organisation has been well crafted to bring about 'Global Health & Wellness' practices to the world.


Each one of our activities are designed to help people of all ages to have a better life and a journey in it.

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Citter Healing
16 Day Citter Spiritual Practice Yogic Retreat
10 Day Citter Massage Training Retreat
3 Year  Citter Yogam Citter Therapy Professional Course
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Citter Healing is a time-tested system which effectively cures several chronic diseases and degenerative conditions.

The Citter Clinic doctors will guide you so that your health & wellness can be attended to to bring you relief based on nature treatment and therapies. 


The medications prescribed are natural and do not cause any complications or side-effects.

THE CLINIC begins your journey in Citter Healing an ancient system of healing based on nature, plant-based nutrients and much more.

Consultation  in person or for those who can't travel - On-Line is offered by our doctors. You can book your appointment for consultation by e-mailing us.


Bookings are open for the Citter Spiritual Practice Yogic Retreat at Citambaram each  month beginning January 2023.


The retreat is an introduction to the ancient Citter practice & teachings of Spirituaity & Yogam  given by highly evolved ancient mystics - Citter masters.


The retreat is open for all who seek a spiritual development and an upward journey in life.


The retreat dwells into yogam, bakti yogam and Citter healing all in one.


Bookings are open for this unique Citter Massage Training Retreat at Citambaram beginning January 2023, each month.

The Massage Training is in the Citter tradition of Healing that you yourself can perform to help others.

This 10 Day training introduces you to the basics to build upon.


CYCTPC  is a first of its kind Citter Yogam Citter System of Health & Wellness Teaching  & Training Course - Level 1 for 3 years to become a MASTER in Citter Yogam, Citter System of Therapy & Treatment in the world.


This course sets you up to become a Spiritual Yoga Master and also as a Professional Citter Therapist. All practices and teachings are based on the Citter tradition. 


This is a dual purpose teaching, training course.


The 3 year course trains you to be a master in the subject of spirituality and therapy. It sets you up to be a professional in healing to work with doctors and hospitals.

Places are limited each year.

Apply now to ensure your place.


Admission is now open for foreigners to apply, to join  the 2024 batch for 3 years.





Citter Spiritual Journey Pilgrimage Retreat
Citter Smart Homes
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Citter Agro

Citter Spiritual Journey Pilgrimage Retreat is designed to discover Civa for yourself.

Our Spiritual Journey in the Citter tradition is your very first step on your journey to Divine Civa. As you build your '?bakti,' it is a real genuine relaionship between yourself  to Civa - A search, beginning, continuing and ending in love.

Anbai Civam!


Citter Smart Homes is a new concept for India. It is about building a smart high quality residential home to reduce operating expenses, improve occupant comfort, automate energy consumption management, that meets today’s global regulations and sustainability standards to save the environment. Our design & construction expertise goes to using natural materials to help one to come closer to nature for better healthy living practices.

We now offer our homes for the select few who fall in line with the importance of living a healthy sustainable spiritual life.

Citter Agro is about ‘Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Medicinal Plants and our work in the traditional systems of medicine using herbal plants to make medicines and food supplements.

Medicinal plants are a source of biomolecules with therapeutic potential.


Tamil Citters have a repository of traditional medicinal knowledge based on medicinal plants. We also work with Plant-Based Nutrients to bring out our very own ancient formulations as food supplements.


Ancient Citters taught us the use of such plants grown in Tamil Nadu.

N A N B A N is an NGO  that has been set up to support Agriculture and rural upliftment of Poor Small Farmers, who need a different set of solutions for their development and their poverty obliteration in India. We have begun that journey.



Do Donate Freely to our Crowd Funding to help reach out to more poor debt ridden farmers who help put food on our tables.


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A Citter Health & Wellness Sanctuary at Citambaram

Opulence Sanctuary at Citambaram is designed as a GLOBAL Activity with its roots at Citambaram. It is an activity to bring Nature-based Citter System of Health & Wellness practices to people who are living unhealthy lives and need to be detoxified and rejuvenated from time to time – an overhaul!

This is a great place to detoxify rejuvenate YOURSELF once or twice a year  for a better Healthy Life of Body and Mind and Soul.

OPULANCE is a nature based healthcare sanctuary where a Lifestyle Management System that uses the resources, knowledge and practices of the Ancient Tamil Citter System to live a healthy life managed.


THE CITTER CLINIC is a practice of Traditional & Conventional methods of Citta Treatment & Therapy.

Our Citter practices come from the ancient Citters who were masters, who dealt with the body-mind-spirit complex.


They were and are masters in treatment & therapies and making of specialised medicines by using plants, and devised methods by which plants could be harnessed medicinally.

Citta deals with a holistic viewpoint in the treatment of the disease. There are no side effects in the medicines prepared and by its consumption.

Citter medicine is considered to be one of the oldest forms of medical practices in the world.


TYOGA Educational Trust is a Service Organization with a specific focus on spreading awareness of the rich cultural traditions and heritage of the Citters. Based out of Cidambaram TYOGA’s root centre, is being developed to bring about the ancient teachings and practices of the Citters as a 21st century Lifestyle management system for all people around the Globe.

Our yogic  and spiritual programmes are based on the spiritual and all round development of an individual, healing in body and mind and getting back on track.

TYOGA is keen on re-establishing links with our past and its ancient teachings and practices of the Citters helping people find their way back to a healthy and purposeful lifestyle through the many events and programs the trust conducts. We are keen on enabling people find the right work-life balance; allowing them to discover that it is possible to lead a fulfilling family life even while embarking on an inward journey of spirituality.

Once you are on your individual ‘Spiritual Journey’ you become… “You are capable and unstoppable...”



NANBAN and Citter Healing are working together to support poor Small Holding Farmers to grow medicinal plants. This will help the farmers economically as the rising costs of farming and the low pay for farm produce have pushed many farmers into a cycle of vicious debts.

Citter through our CSR programme can help break this cycle through profitable and inclusive strategies that enable smallholders to lift themselves out of poverty by improving farming and business practices. Our programme ‘Better Life Farming (BLF) helps smallholder farmers become sustainable, commercially viable suppliers of agricultural products.

Our BLF programme creates local ecosystems, offering comprehensive and accessible services to smallholders. These services include education and training, access and management of money, supply of seed and oganic fertilizers, working on crop protection, irrigation and water management and support  in health and wellness to the farmer and family members. We also skill their youth and help support them for education and skilling activities. We work with the farmers in improving their financial literacy to get out of the dept trap they are in.

In short, the BLF Programme becomes a new ecosystem of education, training, financing, supplier, and distribution services for small holders. BLF pays special attention to unlock previously untapped business potential by supporting women smallholders and creating more opportunities for women.

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