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Childlessness is of particular concern because of the global extent of the problem and the social stigma attached to it. Hence, an attempt has been made to help those who have infertility and childlessness through the Age Old Citter System.

‘The desire to have a child never goes away’

Whether it is by choice or by circumstance being childless has some unique challenges!  For many couples, childlessness is the result of failed natural conception and fertility treatments and for other couples, extending their family may simply not be a goal. 

Once the wedding festivities had come to an end, many members of the bride-groom’s family and even members of the wider community expected further celebratory news of a baby on the way!  For many couples, conceiving doesn’t take too long. However, for others conceiving can be a battle that challenges their identity as a wife as well as a daughter-in-law.  This is due to the expectation of becoming a mother and the expectation to fulfil the role of a wife and daughter in law. 

For women, childlessness can cause a sense of guilt and embarrassment with many women experiencing both mental and in some cases physical harm.  However, due to fear of humiliation, both men and women are hesitant to discuss their difficulties in conceiving or even their choice of childlessness.  This may also be the result of the stigma attached with childlessness and this stigma can no doubt cause individuals to experience a sense of isolation.


Infertility is a worldwide problem affecting 8-12 percent couple (50-80 million) during their reproductive lives.

Childlessness has serious demographic, social and health implications. The ease with which women can be labelled infertile or resist the label, the experiences of childless women and the process of seeking solutions for infertility all go beyond the biological fact of reproductive impairment.

The conflux of personal, interpersonal, social, and religious expectations may bring a sense of failure, loss, and exclusion to those who are infertile.


Relationships between couples can become very strained when children are not forthcoming. One partner may seek to blame the other as being defective or unwilling. Childless couples are sometimes excluded from taking leading roles in important family functions and events. Many societies are organized in such a way that children are necessary for care and maintenance of older parents.

The Ancient Citters

The Citters compared women to Mother Earth.

Earth has different types of soils, making the place loamy, arid, desert, salty etc but in all places there exists some kind of life like plants and animals. There can be issues with seeds for not germinating but never with Mother Earth.


Therefore, in short there are more chances for infertility in women to be cured than the male species, provided that the woman is not chronically infertile.

Treatment methods for female infertility is numerous with successful outcomes in the Citter System as the Citters considered that there is nothing called Infertility in women.

About Our Programme

In Citter System, Female Infertility is generally called as கெர்ப்ப ரோகம்(i.e diseases which prevents pregnancy). Or Pen Maladu பெண் மலடு.

Citter System has a separate branch dealing with female reproductive system and pregnancy known as Magalir Maruthuvam மகளிர் மருத்துவம் .

The specialisations in Magalir Maruthuvam are,

சூல் மருத்துவம் Sool Maruthuvam – branch of Citter System dealing with female reproductive system. As சூலகம் means ovary, the study of it is named as சூல் மருத்துவம் and  மகபேறு மருத்துவம் Magaperu Maruthuvam – branch of Citter System that deals with care of women before, during, and after they have give birth to children.

Therefore, Female Infertility is dealt in both Sool Maruthuvam and Magaperu Maruthuvam.

“Every individual is different and so is their cause.”

Infertility is a common clinical problem today.

Fertility treatment at Citter Clinic follows the Citter System that is a well-established practice that has been around for centuries. There are several reasons why fertility treatment in Citter is so popular, including its natural approach to fertility and the fact that it’s free of side effects.

We provide effective natural remedies for infertility both male and female without any side effects.

Many of our infertility patients who had gone through various modern treatments such as IVF, IUI, Painful injection for ovulation and spent a great deal of time and money to conceive and have come to us finally to conceive naturally by joining our programme.

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Female infertility in the Citter System is considered “there is nothing called Infertility in women.” Such is the expertise!

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