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New Student Information

We are offering a unique Profession for YOU based on the Ancient Citter Traditions and its Teachings in Yoga & Therapy, to become a Master. People are becoming more conscious of their health, and Citter yogam provides numerous benefits as a career opportunity in this field. The course is open to all who have completed their high school or even college and would like to straightaway get into a good profession.

We are Offering a Unique Future in the 21st Century - Youth into a Health & Wellness Profession through Citter Yogam.

The Course is for 3 years and is open to anyone who has completed their High School or College and wants to go out into the world mentored into an Ancient practiced Lifestyle and Profession that will make a great impact on the lives of people they touch.


They will stand out as individuals!

Citter Yoga Citter Therapy Professional Course

CYCTPC is a Skilling, Training, Experiencing Programme that is being offered to a select few who are interested in yoga and to become a Citter Trained Therapist as a Master into a Profession, to work anywhere in the world and be a Master of your Life!

This programme is offered to you on an Ancient System – the Kurukulam where students are addressed in their individual capacity and mentored. Here, you’ll embrace Citter yogic practice as a way of life. You are on a journey of transformation.

The Citter System and its teachings come from the Tamil language. It is different to Vedic philosophy and is truly a teaching that is pre-Vedic. Its teachings are centered on the experience and expertise of the Citter Mystics, where it has been transmitted over time and into a written format today.

This teachings have been kept as a secret and within the Tamil tradition. Tyoga now brings these teachings out globally, that mankind can benefit from.

This is where you come in as students of these teachings and expertise as it will be you who will go out into the world and teach and practice as a Master of this science to help mankind.

Becoming a Master in Citter Yogam & Therapy is life changing for you in many ways. You will spend 3 years in Tamil Nadu at Chidambaram delving into the Citter System of yogam and health care and wellness of body, mind & soul. The understanding of the interconnectivity of the three and one’s journey in life. All of the teachings are experienced based and are skillfully mentored, so that YOU become the 'Experiencer.'


This way you LEARN, PRACTICE,EXPERIENCE, DISCOVER & finally ENJOY the fruits.

This is yoga education, training and skilling like no other!

The program facilitates a unique merger of contemplative and academic rigor.


The programme is set up to mentor the student at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, South India, the land of the Ancient Citters.

Students will make Chidambaram their home for the next 3 years to be skilled, trained, taught, to experience for themselves within the traditions of the Citter System.

Chidambaram is a small town 245 kms south of Chennai the gateway city to Tamil Nadu. Our teachings at the Kurukulam is set in a rural setting where you get the chance to connect to nature away from the noise and distraction. The Citter journey is one of ones spiritual nature and your inquiry into it – Who am I?

Chidambaram is an ancient spiritual environment where great spiritual beings seeked to come to and live and practice their paths to enlightenment and divine grace. Such is the atmosphere seeked.

In the town of Chidambaram is an old Civa temple that is hugely revered. Seekers come from all over the world to experience. This temple represents the ‘space’ element – cit – ambaram!

You are offering a Future to people in Health & Wellness - Nature Based!

The Ancient Citter System addresses the mind, body, and spirit to support health and healing. It’s very similar to general therapy or counseling but often draws on complementary and alternative practices that the therapist may also have in their toolbox.

Holistic therapy may be a buzzword in the mental health space today, but it has existed for centuries.

The pandemic has played a huge role in everyone’s self-awareness around overall health,   It has increased the “understanding that your health is more than just physical or mental, but an inclusion of all layers of the self.

You as a Citter Yogam & Therapy master will be in the forefront of future practices in delivering the Citter system to help people deal with their Health & Wellness issues.

You will stand out of the crowd!

Today there’s a growing body of research on how holistic therapy can help ease trauma, anxiety, and depression plus improve relationships and overall well-being.

These practices have existed for centuries, within the Citter System. Much before  Hippocrates a historical figure, who laid the foundations for holistic therapy, the Citters had already laid down the system for people to use.


Due to the Bringing the body and spirituality into healing was “deemed ‘wrong,’ ‘barbaric,’ or less-than by colonizers, and so for a long time, mainstream health has neglected this necessary integration. But now the pandemic has played a huge role, where it’s only recently that practitioners in the Western hemisphere have begun integrating it into their practices.

Admissions - Are OPEN NOW - PLEASE APPLY NOW - Places are limited to 25 students ONLY.

Tyoga is unlike any other college or university in the world offering a radically individualized education that allows you to not only explore your deepest passions but also your most profound self.

It is a Kurukulam where the ancient system of skilling is practiced.


Tyoga CYCTPPC offers out-of-the box professional skilling & training for inspired learners. This really isn’t your typical bachelor’s degree or any degree or certificate programme.

Tyoga Kurukulam is with Citter academics a system where spirituality and the discovery of yourself is a art with  academics, experiential learning, and impressive career outcomes. The programme also offers profound self-discovery, a radically inclusive kurukulam culture,.


By applying to the 3 year Tyoga CYCTPC, programme you’re beginning a journey towards more than just a degree. You’ll graduate in the kurukulam system  with a deep knowledge, practice and skill that includes your experience  of your gifts and how to share them with the world.  

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