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Career & Profession 

Generally, the job profiles offered to candidates after pursuing careers in yoga are multifaceted. But in the Citter System you go far beyond the mundane jobs. You become a Master! This takes you to a whole different level in lifestyle and profession that brings you out into the limelight. You will simply be looked out for your expertise.

The Future for You.

Students who are looking forward to pursuing a career in Yoga and Therapy in the Citter System enjoy diverse job roles even when the work remains more or less the same. Yoga and Naturopathy is one of the most promising and upcoming career lines because of the abrupt awareness in people about the significance of Mental Health and Physical health. There is absolutely no scope of stagnation in this field. Not only that, our students can engage in going beyond as Masters of the Citter System.

Their life is set with a journey to fulfil.

Citter Yoga and Citter Therapy gives you the opportunity to be broaden your scope as a Citter Yoga Master as well as a Citter Therapist.


Upcoming trends

In the last few years especially after the pandemic, more and more people have started to pay attention to their well-being, in physical, mental and spiritual needs, hence have been finding their way to yoga and yoga professionals. This has proven very beneficial for people in need of health & wellness leading to wellbeing and the Master who delivers such.

Due to the sudden growth, after the pandemic by seekers who want to go beyond what yoga is and has been today, the Citter System will fill this gap setting it to be the ‘Future of Yoga.’

You will be part of this future!

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