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Siddhar or Citter

Many Thousands of years ago, Tamil ‘Cittars  சித்தர் ‘  addressed the conundrum of eternal life.

Siddhar or  Citter

'Siddhar' is the Sanskrit spelling in English, representing the original Tamil version ‘சித்தர்’ spelt as 'Citter' in English.

'Siddha' medicine is the Sanskrit spelling in English, also representing the original Tamil version ‘சித்தா' spelt as 'Citter' medicine.

Citter System originated in the Tamil lands of the Indian sub-continent and lost continent of Kumari Kandam.

Kumari Kandam is believed to be lost with an ancient Tamil civilization,  located south of present-day India in the Indian Ocean. Alternative names and spellings include Kumarikkandam and Kumari Nadu.

The practitioners of this medicine and philosophical system are called Citters in Tamil spelt as such in English – the original Tamil pronunciation.

Citters attain the physical and spiritual excellence to be able to treat people.


They were self-realised human being, who has attained spiritual powers.


Their main objective was to experience 'Civam,' the supreme consciousness, in their respective human frame, and share this knowledge and their experiences with others, interested in following their path.

Citter System of medicine is an ancient part of Tamil culture and is spoken of in the earliest Tamil writings.

Citters held that the object of their study was to preserve and prolong life. To do so, they believed, required humans to live according to the laws of nature. They led simple lives themselves.


They contributed not only to a system of medicine but also to the knowledge of eternity, alchemy, and Yogic living.


Citters are believed to have travelled widely to other countries to propagate their system of medicine, lifestyle, martial arts of self defence and enrich the sciences.


​Due to their practices and expertise through such practices, Citters acquired  supernatural powers, enabling them to gain mastery over the elements. Many of the ancient philosophical tenets of the Citter system continue to be relevant to modern practitioners today in Tamil Nadu and some parts of Kerala.

Though it is difficult to determine the exact point of time when this system originated, it is considered eternal. It began with mankind and is expected to end with it.

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