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Tyoga offers our CYCTPC Programme for inspired learners. This really isn’t your typical bachelor’s degree or even any certified course. We offer profound self-discovery, a radically inclusive culture, drawn from the intellectual traditions Citters.

Admission for 2024 Course OPEN NOW
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Our Admissions Philosophy

Non-Traditional Admissions Process

Tyoga’s admissions process reflects the values of a contemplative education where skilling & training is a everyday activity. We consider both your academic performance and your willingness to do the hard work of introspection and self-growth. Our admissions process is as thoughtful and engaged as we expect you to be when you step into your first year at Tyoga.

If you have a history of strong academic performance, we welcome you with minimal admissions requirements. If your academic performance has not been strong in the past, but you believe that you could benefit from a Tyoga education and effectively contribute to the Tyoga Citter community, we strongly encourage you to apply.

Our Admissions Philosophy

Rolling Admissions

Applying early offers you the greatest chance to be considered and allows us to process your documents in a timely manner. However, the Office of Admissions will gladly continue to review applications until the  May of 2024 to be eligible to apply for your visa to join our residential programme until all places for incoming students are filled. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received by the Office of Admissions, so apply today!

Our Admissions Philosophy

Admission Process

Here’s how to apply to Tyoga for the CYCTPC Programme:

  • E-mail us to ‘’ and introduce yourself and lets us know what makes you wish to join our programme.

  • Expect to hear back from an Admissions Counselor within one week of mailing. If you do not have a response please check if you have mailed us correctly.

  • Our Counselor will be in touch with you to guide you through the process to be admitted.

Tyoga Counselors are here to support you!

Our Admissions Philosophy


Experiential learning is a hallmark of a Tyoga education. All Tyoga programmes require completion of a practicum or internship in order to meet our requirements. We will require up-to-date immunizations, background checks, and drug screening prior to student participation. Medical and recreational marijuana is not exempt from drug testing.

you acknowledging that you must successfully complete and pass background checks and drug screenings and have current immunization records.

Please note that Tyoga programmes and environments are drug free, smoking free and no liquor and totally vegetarianism consumption environments.  

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