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 On-Line Programmes

Join our CITTER Health & Wellness On-Line Activities

Intro to Yogic Healthcare and Wellness Practices with
Sharwan Kumar

90 min | 50US$ per Class On-Line

We offer the Citter System of Health & Wellness practices. These practices are centred around dealing with body, mind and spirit. This involves Sound Vibration, Basic Physical practices, Breathing Exercises and Meditation. These all come under the Citter Yogic Science, that has been given to us by Ancient Tamil Mystics far before the Vedic Teachings ever came about.

Our teachings and practices dive into spirituality as this is the bases. Without this component, to heal will never make its desired mark. Our classes and practices require dedication, discipline, and devotion to follow the teachings and instructions.

Join our CITTER Health & Wellness On-Line Activities for 2024

Bookings are OPEN for January 2024 Programmes for all ages.

Each Class is One Hour 15 mins Practice. 

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