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We are striving to innovate, make health solutions affordable and accessible, raise awareness about diseases, and help people learn how to manage them through a nature based system. We work with patients and clients to tackle these complex challenges.

Tele-On-Line Health Care Consultation

This virtually connects our Doctors or Citter Specialist  and the patient/client with a consultation-meeting over the web that helps to.

  • Extend health care services/consultation online with primary focus on the Health & Wellness issues at hand for those who can't travel to our Centre

  • Address Non-emergency situations where the need is for home remedy from the doctors/specialists.

  • Second opinion on ailments.

How it Works

Mail us for an appointment, explaining your issue at ''

An appointment will be fixed with the concern Doctor or Citter Specialist who can attend to your specific issue that you are undergoing presently to get the best result.

We will Mail you to confirm the date and time of the appointment once all formalities are completed.

Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design

Our On-Line Consultation Charges Apply


+91 908 775 2345

Email                   Please state your issue as subject

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