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WHY Citter Koyil

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Ancient Sangam Tamil people understood two distinct characteristics of Godhood. God who is beyond all (Tamil: கடவுள், Kaṭavuḷ) and the God who sets things in motion (Tamil: இயவுள், Iyavuḷ).

Tamils has been inhabited for over 10,000 years, and the worship of Civan (simply meaning ‘the Red one’) goes back to very ancient times within the Tamil Culture.

Seers known as Citterrs amongst Tamils have transcended the material planes and bonds of Karma; they have overcome psychological and physical barriers through pure devotion to lord Paramacivan, who caused the light of knowledge to bloom in their consciousness.

The ancient land of of today Tamil Nadu, nestled in the southern part of India, has a rich and diverse cultural heritage. Among the many luminaries that have graced this sacred soil, the Citters hold a unique and enigmatic place. These enlightened sages, believed to have lived thousands of years ago, left behind a legacy of spiritual wisdom, healing practices, and esoteric knowledge that continues to intrigue and captivate the modern world.

The term “Citter” means perfection or achievement. Ancient Tamil Citters were revered spiritual adepts and alchemists who achieved a state of profound enlightenment and mastery over various forms of knowledge. Their knowledge encompassed medicine, yoga, alchemy, astrology, and spirituality, making them the equivalent of Renaissance polymaths in the ancient Tamil region.

Citter Koyil

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Citters’ spiritual teachings emphasize the pursuit of self-realization and enlightenment. Many of their philosophical and ethical principles are still highly relevant and provide guidance for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of life and spirituality. Citter Koyil is about one's individual's journey HOME.

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The question of whether Citters exist in the contemporary world is a topic of much debate and mystique. Some believe that these enlightened beings continue to live in seclusion, while others suggest that their teachings and practices have been passed down through a lineage of disciples and spiritual seekers. Whether they are living in the physical realm or not, their influence and wisdom are still very much present today.

While the physical presence of the Citters may remain a matter of conjecture, their mystical aura and teachings continue to inspire people in the modern world. Various spiritual organizations, schools of thought, and holistic health practitioners draw from Citter wisdom to create a positive impact on society.


Siddhar practices and teachings have also made inroads into global culture. Yoga, meditation, and herbal medicine, which have strong roots in Citterar traditions, are now embraced worldwide. This cultural exchange underscores the profound and lasting influence of these ancient sages.

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Citter Koyil


What is a Koyil?

கோயில்-Koyil is the Tamil word that represents a place of Royal residence to the Almighty. A place to connect and generate divine energy.

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The Citters of ancient Tamil Nadu were not just enlightened beings but also pioneers in various fields, from medicine to spirituality. Their teachings, practices, and philosophies continue to shape the world today, influencing people in the pursuit of holistic well-being, self-realization, and enlightenment.

Their enduring presence in the form of their wisdom and legacy is unmistakable and continues to inspire generations. As we look to the future, the enigmatic legacy of the Citters reminds us that the pursuit of knowledge, enlightenment, and a harmonious existence transcends the boundaries of time and place.

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