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C I T T E R  Koyil


Taking the First Step into the Mysterious & Mystical World of the C I T T E R S.

The practice is that the ‘Atma’ helps clear our ‘karma’ by showing us the way. Once karma has cleared, the search to know the Atma intensifies.


Life's answers lie with the Citters, a doorway to  Muruga and Civa from the other side of the realm.



The Citter system of Pooja is from one’s heart. The Citter Koyil at Citter Tirumular Illam at Chidambaram is a medium of communication - doorway to connect with the Divine.  We have one physical location within the temple and that is the ‘Core’ for direct communication. The Citter Koyil is about the spirit's journey in its present life reaching out to the Divine, a journey that began many lives back, continues now and even after death.

The Citter Koyil is a place of constant energy, as it is designed by a seeker for the purpose of fostering divine consciousness and the experience of enlightenment. The Citter Koyil acts as a mirror to reflect the limitations our own minds have placed upon our true expression. The self-awareness gained is special and unique for each wayfarer and is perfect, a gift from the infinite within each of us.


On one’s spiritual journey you have the opportunity to encounter your authentic self, integrity, clarity of mind and true purpose.

In the end, the most important adventure of all is the path to self-realization and the discovery of our divine nature with the Divine. To be happy in life we must be happy within us first. It’s this internal happiness and learning to cultivate the truth of who we really are that’s revealed to us as we dive deeper into the Citter teachings and practices.

The Energy in the Citter Koyil is constantly generated. 

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Meditation and  Chanting A moment in Prayer

The Citter Koyil

The Citter Koyil is all about a spiritual path that has just one goal - the attainment of inner peace and outer harmony and to know thy ‘self,’ to Connect to the Greater ‘Self.’  The Citter Koyil is all about a spiritual path that has just one goal - the attainment of inner peace and outer harmony and to know thy ‘self,’ to Connect to the Greater ‘Self.’

The Citter Teachings are the most powerful enlightenment method practiced by the Ancient Citters, given to us to follow and experience for ourselves. The Citter Koyil serves as a legacy to and repository for this syncretic wisdom for all in the world today.

The Citter Koyil is an esoteric order in the Citter Tradition. The studies and practices are based on the Teachings of Ancient Tamil Citters. The temple practices are based on training and getting immersed in the consciousness-expanding traditions of Citter Yogam.

The Tamil Citters are the root source of the enlightenment traditions, who lived on the Sub-continent of now India.

At the Citter Koyil this rich field of practice of these ancient traditions are alive and thriving at TYOGA.

The Divine Order

In this infinite universe there is an underlying Essence, Energy and Presence filling all things. It is within the gases, minerals and elements that combine to form planets and stars. It is not only within all these things, but it is the space in which all things are created.

Divine Order is the Essence that pulls planets together to create solar systems and galaxies. It is that which empowers our sun to shine upon our sacred planet. It is that which empowers our planet to spin, rivers to flow, animals and human beings to be birthed and plants to grow where we are all a part of.

This Divine order is within each and every one of us.  This Divine order has given life to everything on this planet that it is its ‘Presence’ that enabled us to wake up every morning, It is that which beats our hearts, breathes precious oxygen through our lungs, empowers our cells to divide, and the underlying Essence that enables our atoms to thrive.

This Divine Order is ever-present, filling the beautiful and the horrific, the growth and the decay of life. It is God, Source, the Infinite etc.

It is so incredible, we could never put It into words as It is that which has enabled words to be, made minds to think and allowed us to exist.

Look deep enough with your inner eyes and you will see that this Divine Order is in everything.

Centering yourself upon this conscious realization, you begin to see with the inner eyes, connecting to the endless stream of peace and love flowing within you and through all, realizing that everywhere you are, God Is.

Citter Tirumular

"I sought 'Him' in terms of 'I' and 'You'

But "He' who knows not 'I' from "You'

Taught me the Truth that "I' indeed is 'You'."


Cittar Tirumular


Many Thousands of years ago, Tamil ‘Citters  சித்தர் ‘  addressed the conundrum of eternal life. 

One such mystic is Citter Tirumular!

Tirumular, another of the most renowned Ancient Tamil Citter Masters - A Mystic, accomplished his magnum opus of yogic reintegration at Chidambaram, the sacred spot where Civa as Nataraja performs his cosmic dance. Tirumular's  TIRUMANTIRAM, is an esoteric masterpiece of 3000 verses, explains man's yogic path to immortal divinity. It is a text based on Citter experiences.


The C I T T E R  Koyil   at  Chidambaram

C I T T E R KOYIL at Chidambaram is is a private koyil of CITTER TIRUMULAR and the practices of the ancient Citters.


This Koyil is unique and a first of its kind in the world.


The practices of this Koyil is for the direct connection to ‘Civa’ by all spiritual seekers.

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The C I T T E R KOYIL is about the inner most spiritual dwelling.


A spiritual dwelling where energy manifests and man gets connected in their yogic practice.

Devotees sit in silent prayer in a meditative state in total silence disconnected. The energies of the Citters present help the devotee to Transend to Civa.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the koyil is verily a chosen abode of the Citters.  


Civa, graces the Koyil with His blissful presence.


Here Civa is in a yogic state.


The koyil always maintains a silent atmosphere which is conducive for meditation and prayer.



For those who wish to know more about our koyil practices can e-mail us. Those who want to participate in the building of the 1st Phase of the Koyil may also contact us and let us know how they would like to be involved.



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