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Your Real Life, Your Spiritual Reality, and the Transcendent
Heart-Motivated Intention of Your Soul.



‘C I T T E R’ is the freedom of the individual to develop spiritually as he or she feels inwardly inspired.

The spiritual journey is intensely personal; no one can walk it for you. Our victories and challenges are uniquely our own. At the same time, the work of breaking down the ego and opening to the power of the Divine is the greatest challenge we will ever face. If we are honest with ourselves, we often disregard and flinch from the effort, not knowing the great importance it makes to each individual life.

C I T T E R Community is all about, it being easier for an individual to make progress spiritually when in the company of other seekers. Community life offers opportunities for group meditation and Citter Yogam in specific, spiritual friendship and service to the ideals and teachings given by the ancient Citters. It is also a place to grow from and reach out to the world in different ways, that can have a positive impact on others exemplifying world brotherhood and sisterhood empowered to send inspiring vibrations far beyond its locale.



One of the fundamental needs of our age is for putting down roots again. We have extended ourselves too far outward, away from the Self within, and away from the natural rhythms of the planet on which we live. Even in our outward, human associations we have lost touch with reality. Loneliness has become chronic. Friendships tend to be of the cocktail party and patio barbecue variety, and not the deep bonds that people form as a result of trials and victories shared.


We know people to smile at, but not to weep with, not to confide in, not to go to for help in times of physical, emotional, or spiritual distress. Small, spiritual communities offer a viable alternative to the depersonalizing influences of our times. People living and working together, sharing with one another on many levels of their lives, suffering, growing, learning, rejoicing, winning victories together, they develop a depth in their outward relationships as well that helps them, inwardly, to acquire spiritual understanding.

"Cooperative spiritual communities provide a vital solution to one of the most pressing needs of our times—an opportunity for those who want to develop spiritually to do so in a supportive environment, and a dynamic example to the rest of the world that spiritual principles really work."

I've lived  here for many years while working outside

C I T T E R in a corporate setting. I can easily see what my life would have looked like if I‘d never moved here. It would have been very easy to slip, bit by bit, away from my spiritual ideals. I have a deep sense of appreciation for the atmosphere of support, and for the deep friendships we share.


Christian Lukas   



For many years now individual psychotherapy, group work, spiritual retreats, and similar approaches have been the staple activities of psychological and spiritual seekers. The way of the future will be the way of community: local, provincial, decentralized, national, international, and global.

The beginning of this tremendous undertaking is taking place at Chidambaram! It is in this Tamil heart land where the roots of the Citter tradition have prevailed over the many 1000’s of years in it existence. It is the heart land of the Citters, the ancient mystics who have made a great impact on human life, its purpose and its upward journey.

C I T T E R Community

​The Citter Community is designed keeping the future in mind – the development and dynamism of youth, sustenance of the elders and the interaction of children with youth and the elders. A community that sees all human beings as one – Brothers & Sisters globally here to serve their purpose for their upward journey – a journey that takes care of their body, mind and soul.

Modern Era

In the modern era human beings face the challenge of rising into the heart chakra. For too long humanity has been dominated by the power and relational dynamics of the lower, essentially animalistic, survival-orientated energy centres. The result is the kind of world we live in and we know intuitively in our deepest wisdom that it is over. The power plays, the violence—both base and sophisticated types—the disregard for human life, the lack of empathetic response, the inhumanity in relationships, the intolerance, prejudice, bigotry, and victimization, marginalization, dissatisfaction, and underlying discontent with the world lies in our prolonged experience of this limitation.

The Aims of the Citter Community

Limits of Experiences

The limits of experience within the realms of the lower chakra concerns reduce humankind to a life experience of action and reaction, of mechanical life, of unnaturalness, of predictability, of supposed safety and security bought at a dear price, of intolerance and lack of caring for fellow humans which rebound back on ourselves with inhuman regard and the inability to love ourselves. Out of touch with inner wisdom, spiritual, and soulful qualities, human beings have become angry, manipulative, and wholly selfish, arrogant, complacent, and unhappy. With the accompanying erosion of basic wisdom in the paradigms of communication and education most people can see no way out. Even those who should know better, and those who profess to know, seem to have little inkling that they are presenting truth in such a way that it is corrupted and polluted. This is because they deem it appropriate and right to dilute it for the consumption of the common person, or lowest possible denominator, without seeing that this reduces the aspirations of the truly spiritual to the lower ambitions and vision of spiritual materialism, power, and everything that authentic spirituality is not about.

C I T T E R Community About

Citter Community is about courageous individuals bringing their lives to a tremendous experiment. What if a small group of dedicated people potentially bring their every waking moment to the spiritual endeavor; how long can it take for awakening to occur? Imagine you are pushing a boulder that won’t budge and someone joins you to help and it still won’t budge and then another and another person joins you. Eventually the boulder begins to move and you can roll it along the ground. If everyone joins in and lends their full weight to the endeavor, then the time comes when your original initiating impulse to move the boulder succeeds. What if spiritual awakening has never really been an individual endeavor? What if a collective, a community of like-minded souls is required? Then, with everyone pushing, pulling, and aiming in the same direction we can accomplish far more than we ever could individually.

We are not in the numbers game

We are not in the numbers game or the “attracting followers” game. We are interested in individuals who are sincere and passionate about spirituality and transcending the limitations of their personality. Quality of intention, motivation, and application take precedent over the quantity of participants. Even as the community tends toward the highest individual or most realized, more experienced, or wisest of its members to project adulation, admiration, scapegoating, and sacrifice onto, it will just as much err toward the slightest, the weakest, least experienced, or least realized of its members to project disparagement, condescension, disapproval, and rejection onto. The aim of this community is scrupulous self-honesty, but not the kind of “acting out” that implies license to take out your feelings on others. Any lack of caring for fellow members or not taking responsibility for yourself is expected to be handled openly and honestly.

The Aims of the Citter Community is to accelerate the growth of individual members and the community collectively, to transcend the processes of the ego and live the life of transformation and authenticity, with the practices the Citters have left for us to follow and have our own individual experiences collectively within the community.

C I T T E R   Fulfilment

"Today’s environment and lifestyle expectations is stronger than will power! A person may want to live a spiritual life, but in a world focused on material desires, temporary happiness and lacking the support of others, it is easy to be diverted from one’s highest purpose.

The solution is for people of like mind and ideals, join together to form intentional spiritual communities based on “simple living and high thinking.” In these communities, truth seekers from all walks of life could live, work, and have a spiritual lifestyle together, creating a harmonious, uplifting environment that encourages the development of spiritual qualities, and the awareness, of one’s journey in life and its true purpose.



Join Our Community

Through the sharing of best practices and innovative solutions and the honouring of deep-rooted traditional knowledge & practices and local cultures,  C I T T E R Community comes together at Chidambaram. The community builds a holistic health & wellness centre, a yoga teaching & training centre of the Citters, academics, research, innovations, entrepreneurs and others to bring about a  sustainable community networks across the globe in order to develop strategies for a global transition to resilient communities and cultures.

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"Guard your light and protect it. Move it forward into the world and be fully confident that if we connect light to light to light, and join the lights together of people in our world today, we will be enough to set our whole planet aglow."

"Joining this spiritually charged community opens the door to many unique opportunities."

Open your heart. Still your mind. Find your bliss. 

As a Global Community, we support each other's wellbeing and personal growth in pursuits of sustainability, purpose and mindfulness to reach high standards of Spiritual connectivity.

Our spiritual practices and lifestyle management  reflects an awareness of a Divine presence underlying all things and a commitment to service and our true journey in life – the very purpose we have come for.

We are an Ageless Living Center – A Spiritual Community for the Rest of Your Life!

Let's Connect


Are you interested in spending your years in the company of like-minded souls, deepening your spiritual life? Do you wish to join a community that gives back to others… Then experience and adopt the ancient Citter’s teachings into your life, as it will guide you on your true journey of life.

Join the  C I T T E R Community and take your life forward for its only true purpose.

Chidambaram is a very unique environment-
It is an ancient Spiritual and energy centre.

Imagine a Life at Chidambaram!

“If You can feel a particle of Divine Love, so great would be your joy. Enjoy that blessing bestowed on you!”

Imagine an environment designed for spiritual upliftment. The ideals of compassion, service, humility and divine friendship imbue every aspect of living.

Daily activities are filled with cooperation and creativity and include meditation, service projects, art, music, business and spiritual pursuits. The gifts and talents of all, from the very young to the elderly, are nurtured and appreciated. All rites of passage, such as birth, coming of age, marriage and death are celebrated in the context of a present and caring community.

An Invitation to Serve others...

You wake early to the sound of music from the temple, a beautiful shrine dedicated to Civa and the great Citters of all. A short walk across the green and you join your friends and neighbours for morning yoga, meditation and silent moments.

Communion with Civa is how you start your day.


As the Sun rises, your day is organized around your soul’s purpose: creative service, meditation; physical and spiritual development. You participate consciously in the creation of community, and have the support and fellowship of those who are part of your spiritual family.