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Citter Diabetic Care 2+

93 Reviews

Citter Diabetic Care 2+

Purely Organic & Natural.  Made Traditionally by Rural Women

Reduces Blood Sugar Naturally

Citter Diabetic Care 2+ is a formulation of various plant products formulated together in an ancient process which gives potent anti diabetic properties. This formulation is an ancient Citter formulation that when taken prevent the absorption of excess glucose in the small intestine, thereby helping to balance the amount of glucose in your bloodstream. A NATURAL SUGAR CONTROL, 100% Plant Origin, Soluble Fiber nutrition that helps you to manage Blood Sugar.


450 GMS Monthly




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I Constantly Use Citter Diabetic Care 2+, and I see my Blood Sugar is in control!


No more worry and I feel fit & Healthy.

Anthony Raj    72 Years Old

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Join our Diabetic Care programme to get energized and feel rejuvenated.

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