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Citter Agro is our activity to grow special medicinal and food nutarian plants. We work with small holding farmers in partnership to produce hight quality plants organically.

The importance of medicinal plants and derivatives is growing rapidly with human progress in pharmaceutical fields. These plants are a potential source of bio-molecules that play a major role in modern medicine in the treatment of diseases like cancer, diabetes and hypertension among others. The demand for medicinal herbs is increasing thanks in part to a reputation for fewer side effects. They are also considered to be a cost-effective means of developing new and breakthrough drugs.

The Indian Sub-continent is a treasure trove of medicinal plants, owing to its rich biodiversity, and a gold mine of medicinal knowledge. It is the second largest exporter of medicinal plants, next to China, in the world and a host to more than three hundred thousand herbal medicine preparations used in ancient healing systems such as Cidda and Ayurveda.

Major volume of medicinal herbs come from wild sources. Unsustainable harvesting practices of medicinal plants from the wild often result in rapid degradation of the natural biodiversity and poor regeneration capacity. This in turn affects the production and supply of medicinal plants from forest areas and the quality of the raw materials.

An all-encompassing solution lies in cultivating these plants outside forest areas and as a part of existing farm lands. This would also enable farmers and farming communities to enhance their income and livelihood through crop diversification with the high-value medicinal plant species.

With this in mind Citter Agro has started a programme to reclaim sustainability in the medicinal plants and herbal medicines sector, working with small farmer holdings.

 The programme ‘Sustainable Medicinal & Aromatic Plants’ is working towards developing a sustainable value chain of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) in selected districts of Tamil Nadu and Bihar in India through extension of new technologies and practical knowledge among the growers. It is based on a strategy towards promoting a diversified agro-ecosystem.


CITTER supports NANBAN as an NGO to work with poor farmers.

We know that this helps building our relationship with nature and are catalyst to  helping build local rural communities where by investing in people and places within the rural environment to bring about rural transformation.



For those who wish to join our work and movement to rescue village folks from subsides, depts due to loan sharks and bring in new ways for the farmer to earn his keep and live a life of dignity, please feel free to mail us below and be a part of the work we are all doing.

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It is the NEED OF THE HOUR NOW to support our Poor Farmers and get them back to a dignified life of sustenance for what they contribute through their hard work feeding the nation. Please support the cause.

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