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Citter is a brand leading the Citter Tradition as a lifestyle brand with an ancient history of bold, non-conformist ideals put into practice for the wellbeing of human beings founded from the ancient lands of the Tamils. The Citter brands –  Citter Clinic, Healing Hands, Tyoga, Citter Agro, Citter Koyil and NANBAN – are connected by the intention and purpose of elevating everyday essentials to globally iconic status. Each of the brands has a distinct identity and position and knitted together for the retail landscape, providing the opportunity to market a range of universally appealing products to domestic and international consumers for a variety of needs. Our products are underpinned by responsible practices as high-quality boutique products striving to bring in unique opportunities to people in health & wellness care and lifestyle management systems in the 21st century.

Essential Oils


Citter continues to solidify its position as an innovator of traditional nature-based products for the global health & wellness market continuing to oversee a focused approach to the growing needs of people as a reliable honest for the brand’s worldwide relevance, presence, and long term serving and growth. 

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